Where to Find Outside Perspectives on Your Relationship

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Relationships are an integral part of our lives. The beginning of most relationships start out uplifting and supportive but sometimes can suddenly take on a different course that you didn’t expect. When you are inside the relationship, it is often hard to have an objective look about where both of you stand. When troubles come up between couples, both parties tend to act in two very distinctive ways—some stay quiet about the situation preferring not to share their problems with others, while the rest share everything that is happening with their close friends or relatives.

While the first option allows couples to work out their problems without side interferences, and the second helps one vent from their relationship troubles, there are other solutions aside from both of these options. If you feel unsettled in your relationship and cannot grasp what is happening, you may have to look for help from an unbiased party who can give you a third perspective on your situation.

Distant Friends

Unlike your close friends, distant friends are people who are more unbiased towards you and your situation. Close friends who have known you for years as the person you were before your relationship might wish that you were the same person they remember before coupling with another. Being in a couple inevitably changes a person in some way.

Close friends may take your side at all times when conflict arises and give you advice about leaving the other person and finding someone better. This type of advice is often provoked by their own feelings of support towards you and is not necessarily accurate. Unlike them, distant friends can hear out your situation and may be able to offer you a more balanced piece of advice without necessarily taking your side.


Psychological therapists are people with experience and knowledge about the human condition. Choosing a good therapist is a way to hear out the opinion of a professional who has seen and helped thousands of people with cases that are similar to yours. Therapists have clarity in situations that you may be confused about.

The way therapists work is through asking pointed questions and letting you find the answers for yourself along the trail of your conversations. The best thing they can do is give you a perspective as well as solutions that are not biased towards anyone in the relationship, thereby providing a balanced solution for both parties.



Clairvoyance is another option that people consider when in a troubled relationship. While it is a less traditional approach to finding clarity in your situation, psychics are capable of seeing things that you may not in your current situation. Visiting a tested psychic that gives accurate answers can be a good approach when you are with someone who is not open with you about things that concern you.

Because they do not know you, they will be totally unbiased in the perspective that they can provide. If you are suspicious about your partner and this gets in the way of your relationship, it is better to gain clarity about what is happening, and then figure out a way in which to act with greater confidence and clarity.



Another way to gain insight about a situation from many different people that are going through the same or similar situation is to write it out in a web-based forum. There are plenty of relationship forums online where everyone shares their experiences anonymously.

This will guarantee you and your partner’s reputation in a place where everyone is more objective on situations and there is less judgment. Forums give you the opportunity to connect with people who have similar problems or are in similar situations and can help each other out in reaching a solution.


The Choice Is Yours

When you feel that something is off in your relationship, it is best to talk about it with someone who can provide you with an adequate piece of advice. Too often, people who learn about the problems within a couple may create more problems by intervening. That is why the unbiased opinions of people who are not directly involved in your life may just be your best option.

Problems can occur in a relationship, and it is good to gain a fresh perspective in order to move on if you have been feeling stuck. And remember that a piece of advice is just advice—what you do with your relationship and the choices you make are all up to you.



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