What to Wear to A Beach Wedding

What to Wear to A Beach Wedding:

Beach weddings are gaining popularity among couples looking to get hitched, and it is not hard to see why. The cool blue ocean, warm sand, and sweeping views all make for a picture-perfect setting that is both beautiful and romantic. However, for guests going to a wedding that will take place on a beach, it can be hard to figure out what to wear. If your outfit is too formal, it would not fit into the setting. If your outfit is too casual, or if it looks like beachwear in any way, it would not do justice to the wedding. While the relaxed and laidback vibe of the location gives many options, it can be tough to zero in on the correct outfit. Have you been invited to a beach wedding? We have many unique and beautiful outfit ideas! Our list of options will help you decide on what to wear to a beach wedding.

However, before we start, we need to talk about dress codes. When you are going to a wedding, the dress code is very important as it explains how classy the occasion is going to be. Needless to say, the dress code provided with the invite has to be strictly followed when going to a wedding. For beach weddings, it can get a bit tricky. There are three kinds of dress codes that you might find on your invite: casual, informal, and beach formal.

The casual dress code indicates that it is a fun and low-key affair. It also indicates that you can wear anything you want. However, don’t wear anything that looks like a bikini, as you are going to a wedding after all. The informal dress code indicates that outfits that fall between casual and formal are permissible. As the location is a beach, the beach formal dress code is less formal than normal formals. Beach formal means that the occasion is going to be classy, so everything from fancy tea dresses to formal sun dresses are allowed. Armed with a good understanding of dress codes for beach weddings, let’s get started!

1.       Spring Dress:
A spring dress that looks fancy and classy is a good outfit to wear to a beach wedding. A fancy spring dress is a great choice when the dress code is beach formal or informal. Light, bright, and flirty, spring dresses are very stylish and comfortable. Flaunting everything from ruffles to soft pastels to breezy ruffles to florals, spring dresses are available in many styles, prints, colors, and lengths.

2.       Romper:
There is very little that can top a beautiful romper on a hot summer day, so why should a beach wedding be any different? Elegant, stylish, and easygoing, rompers are great for any beach wedding. They’re also very versatile, since it’s very easy to dress up or dress down a romper.

For a beach formal outfit, go for a luxe romper in a stylish print. For an informal outfit, go for a sequin romper. For a casual outfit, skip the florals and go for a romper that has polka dots. This way, your outfit stays unique and graceful, no matter what the dress code is.

3.       Tea Dress:
Tea dresses became popular in the mid-1800s. However, like any fashion trend, it went out of style and recently made resurgence.  With a hemline that ends below the knees but above the ankles, tea dresses look very sleek and stylish. For a beach formal dress code, wear a luxe tea dress with a unique cut. For an informal dress code, wear a backless tea dress with some polka dots or a geometric print. For a casual dress code, go for a tea dress with a floral print.

4.       Sundress:
Typically lightweight and loose-fitting, a sundress is sleeveless with a wide neckline and thin shoulder straps. Sundresses work for any beach wedding like a charm. As they are made for the summer, sundresses are both comfortable and fashionable. Available in many styles and patterns, sundresses are very popular this summer and are a great choice for boutiques looking to stock up on some summer-ready wholesale dresses.

For a beach formal dress code, wear a long sundress with lace detailing. For an informal dress code, go for a sundress with a unique pattern like tiny dots. For a casual dress code, go for a floral sundress that features ruffles for an ultra-feminine look.

5.       Lace Dress:
Ultra-feminine and sexy, lace dresses are great for beach weddings with an informal or beach formal dress code. Chic and classy, lace dresses come in a variety of styles, cuts, and colors. If you decide to don a lace dress, steer clear from white or off-white dresses as they are only reserved for the bride. You can also go for a crochet lace dress for a standout look that is both unique and fashionable.

6.       Maxi Dress:
Maxi dresses are floor length; form fitting at the top, and free flowing at the bottom. Versatile enough to be worn to a beach wedding, they can be styled to suit any dress code ranging from casual to beach formal. They’re also flattering on a variety of body types.
For a casual dress code, opt for a floral maxi dress with a thin belt for some sophistication. For an informal dress code, go for a maxi dress with prints like polka dots or geometric prints. For a beach formal dress code, wear a maxi dress made with luxe materials like chiffon.

7.       Slip Dress:
Sure, slip dresses are a bit daring but they look really beautiful and sultry when worn right. A great option for any beach wedding, they can be styled to suit beach formal and informal dress codes. For an informal dress code outfit, go for slip dresses that are made of luxe materials in a bold color. The bold hue differentiates it from slip dresses that belong in the bedroom. For a beach formal outfit, wear a crushed velvet or satin slip dress and pair it with a jacket.

8.       Wrap Dress:
A great choice when you want to flaunt your curves, wrap dresses are amazing when you are not sure of what to wear to a beach wedding. Flirty yet poised, wrap dresses can be worn to suit any dress code. For a casual dress code, go for a printed wrap dress that looks summery and fun. For an informal dress code, wear a draped wrap dress that is long and belt it for a defined look. For a beach formal dress code, go for a wrap dress made of chiffon or charmeuse for a classy look.

When you’re invited to a beach wedding, after the initial excitement comes the anxiety of what to wear to a beach wedding. As the wedding is on a beach, it is going to laidback. However, depending on what the dress code says it can be very confusing! Are you feeling the same way? With our options, you will never have to worry if your outfit is right or not. Our list of outfits will let you have some fun under the balmy sun at any beach wedding. Enjoy!

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