What To Avoid When Dressing up for a Winter Wedding

What To Avoid When Dressing up for a Winter Wedding

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Winter weddings are magical. It’s nice to attend a wedding during the off-season, but it does become tricky when it’s time to decide what to wear to the celebration. You want to stay warm and comfortable without sacrificing fashion. The following tips will show you what to avoid when dressing up for a winter wedding this year.

Consider the Weather

If you live in an area where the weather gets chilly, you’ll want to avoid being cold during the wedding and dress for warmth. A winter wedding is a perfect time to experiment with your winter fashion. Buy a dress with sleeves or purchase a shawl to drape over your shoulders to stay warm during the ceremony. Sweater dresses are also a fashionable option and can be worn on different occasions during the colder weather.

dressing up for a winter wedding

If you want to wear a shorter dress, pair it with sparkly tights and knee-high boots to protect your legs from the cold. Or wear a fashionable sweater over your favorite sleeveless maxi dress to make your maxi appear to be a skirt.

Don’t forget the shoes! You want a shoe that’s sturdy and able to keep your feet warm. You want to avoid walking through snow in open-toed heels. Check out the weather and venue ahead of time to prepare your shoe choice based on how much you’ll be walking outside.

Check Your Color Palette

White is an obvious no-no to wear to a wedding, regardless of the season. Aim for neutrals and jewel tones when attending a winter wedding. Avoid wearing vivid colors and save the brighter hues for summer. Think in terms of adding warmth and earthy textures and colors. Popular colors include browns, beige, cream, tan, emerald, and navy blue.

dressing up for a winter wedding

Try an emerald green sleeveless maxi with a cream-colored shawl to protect your shoulder from the winter chill. Or maybe try a long-sleeved beige sweater dress with an adorable pair of dark brown booties and a navy blue clutch.

Experiment With Different Fabrics

There are various fabric choices available for a winter wedding outfit. With a winter wedding, you want to avoid wearing cotton. You want to wear fabrics that are soft and subtle. Lace and satin are great options for a romantic vibe on a chilly evening. Velvet is another fantastic fabric choice for winter (and my personal favorite).

dressing up for a winter wedding

A soft pink satin slip dress with a beige blazer would be a perfect winter wedding outfit. Or try a velvet long-sleeved jumpsuit with a pair of heels for a comfortable yet classy style.

These fabrics will keep you warm and ready to celebrate the happy couple all night long.

Enjoy Your Jewelry

The winter fashion season is when you bring out the metallics. Another thing to avoid wearing when dressing up for a winter wedding is any summer patterns and bright colors for jewelry. You’ll want to wear gold, silver, or neutral jewelry.

dressing up for a winter wedding

You want to avoid drawing attention away from the bride, so keeping the jewelry subtle and straightforward is a perfect way to accessorize.

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