Foods to Include in Your Wedding Event

Foods to Include in Your Wedding Event

If there is one undeniable aspect about wedding affairs, it is that the food is almost always superb. The aroma of great epicurean dishes complemented by the euphoria you feel on the celebration day itself would be enough to whet anyone’s appetite. As guests, this would be our normal train of thought; however, at the other side of the spectrum, the couple would be flabbergasted as to how to feed an army of hungry guests without breaking their wedding budgets and bank accounts. This is where you enlist the assistance and aid of your chosen wedding caterer, but hiring one would not guarantee you of an affordable price as generally caterers would provide the staff as well apart from an arsenal of food after all. But it certainly would assure you that all of your guests will get fed.
So, considering that you will be allocating a fraction of your wedding budget solitarily to wedding food, it is best if you include foods that are certain to take your guests on a gastronomic adventure.

Foods to Include in Your Wedding Event

Seafood Salad

Tickle your guests’ palate with a taste from the sea with this unique salad made from a fusion of octopus, mussels with lemon and extra virgin oil, scungilli, calamari and the staple favorite, shrimp. The intermingling of different shellfish and mollusks on a single dish is perfect for guests who have a penchant and particular taste for seafood.

Macaroni and Cheese (Gourmet Style)

You may think that the traditional American staple is much more in place in a kiddie party rather than a formal wedding event. But consider that your guests may bring their kids as well, making this dish an essential addition to your wedding menu. However, take it up a notch by creating a version that features Gruyere and sharp white cheddar. Serve them in dainty ramekins to finish it off so that even adults would enjoy this appetizer.

Elegant Eggs With Caviar Butter

For those of you who are not operating on a tight budget, combining the simplicity of soft-boiled eggs with the luxury and complexity of caviar creates an interesting blend of favors that is perfect as an appetizer for weddings. For best results, salmon caviar and orange roe are flavorful choices as caviar and are relatively inexpensive.

Foods to Include in Your Wedding Event

*Baby rack of lamb

Complement the star of your wedding buffet with another equally delicious and succulent dish such as baby rack of lamb. Your roasted suckling pig may always be a staple for every occasion so try something a bit more different by adding a rack of lamb ribs into the mix.


This trusted dish never fails anyone on whatever occasion whether it would be broiled or pan fried. Give your guests a healthier option by serving them this dish season with bread crumbs, lemon, garlic and butter. In this way, they will be leaving more room for dessert.

Carving Station

Alternatively, for those of you, who do not want to serve the traditional staple for every Filipino occasion known as lechon, opt to have a carving station instead with a variety of food choices such as Asian flank steal and Cajun rubbed turkey. You will give your guests more variety in choosing their main dish.


*Mini-Pie Flavors

Give your guests a scrumptious dessert by serving them a tasty treat from the bakery such as tartlets. Take it a step further by widening the selection by adding pecan pies to the mix, banoffee pies, apple pies and the like.

Ice Cream Cups

Give your desserts an interesting twist by making the dishes it comes with edible. So, is the case of the edible ice cream cup as these cups make for a no-mess refreshing dessert or a snack during cocktail hour. Additionally, the cups would complement the sweet taste of the ice cream.

Foods to Include in Your Wedding Event
Mini Doughtnuts

End your affair with an elegant bang by serving this traditional breakfast or American snack in an elegant form. Serve these treats skewered or on coffee spoons complemented with brewed coffee. Seeing as they are smaller than the average doughnut, you can be assured that your guests will go back for more.
Give your wedding event a bit more flair by adding these not so common but nonetheless appetizing cuisine that you and your guests are sure to enjoy.


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