Trendy Nail Art Designs For The Festive Season

Trendy Nail Art Designs For The Festive Season

The Holidays are a festive season with glam makeup looks, trendy dresses, and beautiful manicures. A little sparkle on your nails will make your Christmas even brighter this year. Here are the top three nail art designs that are going to glam up your nails for the Christmas festivities and add a finishing touch to your overall look for all the parties you’re going to have.


#1 Mischievous Elves:

Elves are both cute and mischievous. They also make amazing motifs for nail art designs because of their lively and vibrant appearance. Paint the Elf and Santa costumes on all of your nails to celebrate the Christmas in full spirit. Do not forget to add their black belt with the shiny gold and silver buckles to complete the nail art look.


#2 Ginger Bread Man:

Christmas is incomplete without the oven fresh, delicious gingerbread. So, why not have it on your nails too? You don’t have to be an artist to sport this nail art. Just paint your nails light brown and draw gingerbread men silhouettes with the help of a dark brown polish to complete the look. You can also add colorful nail decals to add more life to your nail art.


#3 Mr. Santa Claus:

Dressing up as Santa Claus was fun but it is not a great idea anymore. But you can paint your nails inspired by Santa Claus and it’s fun for your family too. On the nail of your ring finger, intricately paint the face of Santa Claus. This will be your accent finger. Paint the rest of your nails in festive patterns and you’re done.

Sport these beautiful yet easy, festive nail art designs to Christmas parties or flaunt them on your social media. You are definitely going to earn tons of compliments, we bet!

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