Top Tips for Storing Your Jewelry Long Term

Storing away your finest pieces for an extended stretch of time can be worrisome. However, if you package things correctly and place them in the right environment, your most unique stones, settings and metals should come out of storage in excellent condition. Make sure to choose the right location and packing materials for your jewelry.

Keep It Covered

Make sure to choose a storage area that is of moderate temperature and humidity. Keep all of your most precious jewels away from sunlight because excess heat and UV light can damage natural materials like pearls and amber. If possible, store soft gold or a gold higher than 14 karats against a soft fabric, such as velvet, to reduce the risk of scratching. Finally, according to TrueFacet, you should consider getting anti-tarnish strips. No matter how careful you are about humidity, silver will tarnish over time.

Package Individually

To keep your chains tangle free, make sure to wrap them individually before placing them in the storage container. Tangled chains will get scratched, bent and broken over time. In addition, if your chains are tangled, your gemstones will likely be too close for comfort. Some experts recommend using Press-N-Seal products. According to On the Move Moving and Storage, one of the best ways to prevent necklaces from being tangled when stored or moved at all is to use Press-N-Seal and trace the outline with your finger. It makes them easy to separate and keeps them tangle free.

Check Settings Before and After Storage

If you’re storing any jewelry adorned with precious stones, be sure to check the setting before the pieces go into storage and after they come out. Bent settings can cause a loss of precious gemstones. When your stones come out of storage, take them to a reputable jeweler to get the setting checked under a microscope. Also, make arrangements to get your gems, chains, and settings polished during this checkup. Finally, get your diamonds checked and schedule a polishing treatment. Even diamonds can get scratched. Diamonds with any uneven features on the surface will lose their sparkle and start to look dull.

Fine jewelry needs to be handled carefully. Stones such as opals can be badly damaged, cracked or shattered if improperly cleaned or exposed to too much cold. Even hard stones like diamonds and rubies can be damaged with tiny scratches that lead to a dull film on the stone. Silver will probably tarnish a bit, but by keeping pieces separated from one another, you can prevent tangling and damage that they could otherwise get from knocking together.

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