Top Tips for Keeping Your Looks on Point When You’ve Got Places to Be

Putting on a great outfit in your house is fun, but unless you’re having a house party, you need to get to your destination and keep yourself and your outfit in good shape. To keep your outfit from getting creased or stained along the way, you’ll need to plan ahead.

Dress for the Road

If the garment crumples when you sit down, it will really suffer under the pressure of a seatbelt. Try to avoid any fabric that requires frequent ironing. If possible, find a knit with some heft that will hang well when you get out of the car. The selvage edge of seatbelt material can be rough on knits, so consider laying a small towel or even a plastic trash bag between you and the seatbelt to protect the fabric. Under no circumstances should you skip the seatbelt just this once, as women are at greater risk in the event of a crash depending on the age of the car.

Change Elsewhere

For extremely delicate or fitted garments, you may want to transport the outfit and dress on-site. Most cars have hanging hooks behind the driver for easy storage with minimal visibility loss. Wrap the dress in plastic or a cotton sheet to protect it from dust and lint. If you’re driving to your destination, consider stashing your shoes in the bottom of the dress bag and traveling with slip-on sneakers or another comfortable shoe. You may want to take the easy route and just kick off the dress shoes. There is some debate about the safety of driving while barefoot. For example, this can cause you to lose purchase on the pedals. In addition, in the event of a wreck, you may need to get away from the car quickly across broken glass or other debris.

Build a Travel Sleeve for the Outfit

No matter how clean your car is, there will be dust in the air. With the dress on the hanger, take a cotton sheet and tie a knot just below the hanging hook. Drape the sheet around the dress and use safety pins to build a bag to the bottom of the dress. Don’t pin the sheet to the dress, just pin cotton to cotton. The sheet will likely be longer than the dress, so tie another knot at the bottom. This will give you a place to stash your shoes if need be. Wrap the sheet in dry cleaners’ plastic or drape a large trash bag over the hanger after tearing a small hole for the hook.

Dressing up for a fancy event can be a great deal of fun. To avoid arriving crumpled and disheveled, choose a fabric that will travel well, or get to the venue early with your outfit and finish getting ready there.

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