Top 5 Innovative Wearables

Would you try these Innovative Wearables?

Here is a list by my personal opinion of the Top 5 innovative wearable high tech products which I picked based on how cool they are and how original and interesting the idea behind them is.

Of course there will be more lists like these.

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To be honest, I only just found out about Product Hunt…gosh I must be a bit behind sometimes…But I love innovative products and nice design aesthetics.

Two of these items I really love the most. Those two are The Michael Kors Access smart watches and the Bellabeat LEAF which i actually was considering for purchase.

The only reason  I don’t have these products is mainly the high price and I honestly would not use them as much as others would. I like the idea of course and think both men and women would like some of these cool products, but I just want to share them because the ideas are very innovative and interesting.

Everything you see here is all from Product Hunt. Enjoy my list!


1. Gum Shoe


Gumshoe is the world’s first pair of shoes made with 100% recycled chewing gum. The soles of these shoes are made from recycled chewing gum from the streets of Amsterdam. In the Netherlands 1.5 million kilos of gum ends up on the street every year.

2. Enflux Smart Clothing

Enflux Smart Clothing

Enflux Smart Clothing – Clothes that record workouts. (Android, iPhone, and Health and Fitness) Read the opinion of 23 influencers. Discover 9 alternatives like Athos and Sensoria

3. Funktional Wearables

Funktional Wearables

Funktional Wearables – Jewelry that securely conceals your activity trackers. (Fashion, Wearables, and Tech) Discover 7 alternatives like Ringly and Ringly Aries

4.  Michael Kors Access

Michael Kors Access

Michael Kors Access – An entirely new category of smartwatches and accessories. (Wearables and Tech) Discover 3 alternatives like Lumoid Wearable Gear and WearablesUp

5. Bellabeat Leaf

Bellabeat LEAF

Bellabeat LEAF – Jewelry that tracks women’s health. (Android, iPhone, and Jewelry) Discover 9 alternatives like ŌURA Ring and ŌURA Ring v2.0


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