Top 5 Home Decor Trends To Embrace in 2022

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A new year means new trends. If aesthetics are your priority, you need to know the top five home decor trends to embrace in 2022. You may find it’s time to upgrade your space and bring it into the modern century. Check out the most popular ways to decorate your interior.

white and brown wooden table with chairs

1. Warm Neutrals

Neutrals are timeless. Still, the way you use them often changes with the seasons home decor trends. This year, warm shades are in because they make you feel cozy. Shades like blush, mauve, and rose provide more contrast and make your space glow.

Home Decor Trends

2. Go Green

Embrace greenery by adding plants to your space. Biophilic design is all the rage this year and will increase as we enter the warmer seasons. Whether you use real or fake plants, go big or go home. Include plants with varying shades so your décor isn’t all one color.

3. Reclaimed Materials

As more people try to live green lifestyles, we’ll see many pieces from recycled items. Upcycled wood is sustainable and makes beautiful pieces of furniture. Shop at local stores to find unique pieces for your space. From new stairs to a dining table, durable reclaimed materials can last a lifetime.

Home Decor Trends

4. Mix and Match

Choosing one design style is nearly impossible, which is why no one is doing it. Embrace a more eccentric décor style when you mix and match your favorites. Layer your styles to mesh them together. For instance, if you’re trying to decide between transitional, traditional, and modern rugs, consider pairing two of different styles.

5. Curved Lines

Architecture changes constantly. Straight lines are out in 2022 in exchange for more curves. Round tables, curved armrests, and unique rugs will give your space a contemporary appearance. Negating straight edges gives you more room to mix and match.

Keep up with the top five home decor trends to embrace in 2022. Whether you’re trying to sell a home or impress your guests, you can do it with a design style that speaks to the current times. Use these tips to create an amazing space of which you’re proud.

Home Decor Trends


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