Top 10 Accessory Trends to Embrace this Season

Here are some of the best top trending fashion accessories for women this season of Spring 2017


Accessorizing is an essential aspect of a woman’s glamour, because it adds up the drama and allows a femme to revel in her romantic femininity.


1. One Earring Lost

Top 10 Accessory 

An insanely crazy new trend that has created quite the fashion frenzy on spring catwalks and street style alike. The idea is to flaunt one massively huge earring in one ear, and leave the other one tantalizingly bare. It may seem a tad bit eccentric, but as seen at the SS’17 fashion weeks, this trend is irresistibly voguish, no wonder it’s trending hot on the accessory radar.


2. Navel Grazing Bling


Top 10 Accessory










If you’re tired of flaunting a choker, or seeing it being flaunted for that matter, here’s an exciting piece of news: the long navel grazing pendants are back with a bang! Designers have showcased heaps of navel grazing pendants and necklaces that come with chunky stones, mineral slices, pearls, metallic detailing and funky graphics.



3. Larger than Life Earrings


Top 10 Accessory







All women love amplifying their glamour with chunky and heavy statement earrings, but this season, statement earrings have taken an exciting turn. The designs we get to shop this spring are truly larger than life with their shoulder and neck grazing lengths, heavy detailing, myriads of gemstones, minerals and much more.

4. Extra Baggage

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Those of us who struggle to carry all their essentials in one bag will no longer have to deal with such petty problems. Designers have given us a delightful myriad of extra-large bags, which are excitingly large enough to carry all our stuff, from laptops, cellphone accessories, notebooks, water bottles, clothes and everything else imaginable. These delights are super functional.

5. Cuff that Arm!

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Arm cuffs have undergone a unique and bold transformation, and they have emerged as symbols of raw glamour and fearless confidence. This spring, you must stock up heaps of metallic arm cuffs, snake-like designs, chunky gemstones and raw mineral slices.

6. Corset Fever

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Corsets have taken the fashion scene by storm, and this spring, don’t shy away from adding a ravishing figure-accentuating cinch to your casual outfits with a leather corset.


7. Religious Bling


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If you are a fan of flaunting crucifix pendants, earrings and bracelets, you’ll be overjoyed at the variety we get to shop this season. Dolce & Gabbana is responsible for funneling in this excitingly sexy trend, and their pieces are studded with diamonds, gems and raw stones. 



8. Stack it up!


Top 10 Accessory

SS’17 catwalks gave us a massive dose of inspirations about stacking up heaps of bracelets on our wrists to create a delightful pop of color. These pieces range from bright hued beads, chunky metallic pieces, ethnic designs and much more.


9. Choker Art


Top 10 Accessory












The chokers that have been spotted at the spring fashion weeks are nothing less than insanely creative artsy delights. Gone are the plain old fabrics with delicate pearls, designers have brought out their metallic guns, and they are oh so irresistibly voguish!


10. Mineral Slices

Top 10 Accessory











Designers have literally sliced up exotic and rare raw minerals, and created insanely chic pendants, which are an absolute must-have for the season. From bracelets and rings to earrings and pendants, this trend is raging all over the bijou radar.

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