Tired of Open Pores? Here Are 3 Ways to Tighten Them

When we think about skincare, clean skin, and fresh faces come to mind. The secret to overall beauty is to focus on your pores. Open pores invite dirt and bacteria, leading to blackheads and acne. We’ve compiled a quick guide to tightening your pores at home for a youthful glow.

Sunscreen is a Must

Sunscreen isn’t just for hot summer days. Sunblock can work with your pores by preventing damage from natural sunlight which threatens your collagen. You can find a good SPF with a decent moisturizer to wear under your makeup or alone as a barrier between your skin and the elements.

College Fashion urges using sunscreen everyday regardless of your beauty routine. This product can prevent aging and keep your skin youthful. Many makeups also include SPF protection for an all-in-one product.

Incorporate Toner into Your Everyday Routine

A toner is a great step after cleaning your skin and before applying moisturizer. Homemade toners aren’t tough to make by yourself! According to Belli Skincare, ginseng is especially helpful for tightening pores. Craft your own toner and save money at the beauty store. You may find a new hobby in the process.

If you feel your toner is too drying, consider using it less or watering it down. All you need is a good spray bottle and the right ingredients. If you’re making toner right, it can give you energy to get through the day with natural ingredients to work wonders on your skin.

Try Cold Treatments

As long as you keep your skin moisturized, a cold treatment can work wonders. One simple way is a brief cold rinse before you get out of the shower to tighten your pores and add shine to your hair. According to Ana Clara Otoni, washing your face with cold water will instantly make your pores smaller. In addition, you can steam heat your face once a week to open your pores before closing them with toner and cold water.

You already know how great it feels to put a cold compress on your head and your skin will like the sensation as well. This process can be applied to your body if you have issues with allover acne and aging skin.

Try home treatments before spending money on a dermatologist. If you need expert help, don’t be afraid to seek answers from a professional. Your skin and self-confidence are important to your health.

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