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Tips and Tricks To Have the Best Gel Manicure

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Going to the nail salon can quickly run up your wallet. You must tell the nail technician what design you desire, and there are instances where you leave disappointed. So you decide to take it into your own hands and learn how to do manicures yourself.

However, if you venture into gel manicures and acrylics, it can get a little messy and time-consuming. So look at the tips and tricks to have the best manicure ever. You’ll become an expert before you know it, so good luck and take your time.

Plan Your Idea Ahead

Before you go through with the application, one of the best tips and tricks to have the best gel manicure is to plan ahead of time and do some research. With the internet right at your fingertips, try to find reliable, official resources and tutorials.

Additionally, make sure your first gel manicure stays simple and allow yourself to make mistakes. Try to stick with one or two solid colors, and make sure you prep your nails before application. Gel polish needs a clean, dry surface to adhere to.

Supplies You’ll Need

After you study up and take the time to find authentic tutorials, the next step in your gel manicure is preparing your supplies. Your supply list includes:

  • Gel lamp
  • Gel polishes
  • Gel primer and topcoat
  • Acetone and cleansing alcohol
  • Lint-free wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Cleanup brushes

You should also have backup supplies, just in case. You don’t want your gel lamp to break on you. Otherwise, your supplies will help you achieve that dream gel manicure you desire.

Post-Application Tips

After you finish applying your gel polish, look at what needs fixing. Luckily, you can remove gel polish if you messed up a nail, and it’s easy to repair. Otherwise, correct your mistakes with acetone and cleanup brushes. Afterward, keep your cuticles oiled and moisturized.

Gel manicures last longer by reducing excess moisture interaction and leaving the nails alone. Also, try to remain gentle with your hands to prevent breaking a nail or chipping the polish. If you see any polish peeling, try your best not to pick at the polish. It damages both the polish and the nail bed, weakening the protective layer.

Take some pictures of your first gel nails and post them on your social media to show your friends. You’ll get flooded with compliments and friends asking you to do their nails, too. Otherwise, keep practicing your craft and have fun.

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  1. Excellent tips. Very helpful for those that want to try at home and avoid the high cost of nail salons. Thanks!

    Published 11.8.21
  2. Yes, so true about those expensive salons! Thanks for your feedback, Brandon!

    Published 11.8.21

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