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Tips and Tricks for Adding More Green to Your Home

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If you want to add green to your home, there are easy ways to do it, and it has a multitude of benefits. The color green is often associated with calm and peace, so it fits perfectly in any environment. Here are a few ways to add green to your dwelling.

Bring the Plants Inside

Plants in the yard are gorgeous, but it’s possible to bring that beauty inside by simply adding plants to your indoor living space. There are plenty of varieties that thrive indoors.

Succulents, snake plants and types of ivy are easy to grow with very little care. You can decorate with large or small pots of green depending on your space. An herb garden in your kitchen or pots placed strategically on bookshelves will bring some of the outdoors to the inside.

Besides the beauty of green in your home, adding plants also has health benefits. According to Awair, certain plants can help keep your air clean.

Change Up the Plants

Different environments require different plants, so don’t give up if you haven’t found the right ones for you. You can change up the plants in your home or yard to match your space and the amount of effort you want to put into keeping them thriving.

It’s not necessary to always invest in live plants. You can replace high-maintenance plants with artificial plants and still enjoy the green in your surroundings. Even in your yard, you can take a different route. According to Celebrity Greens, some people just decide to use artificial grass since the water costs and fertilizing problems take too much time.

Go for a Garden

You don’t need a green thumb to start your own garden. Use a small raised bed in your yard or a windowsill in your kitchen to put in some practical plants or flowers that will bring you joy.

Herbs grow well inside and can be used in meals when you need them. They provide a beautiful green backdrop and wonderful smells in your kitchen. A small backyard garden can contain your favorite flowers or vegetables you can harvest when it’s time. Simply plant the seeds and monitor their growth. According to Urban Farmer, an indoor herb garden can also boost your mood in the wintertime if you have the winter blues.

Adding green to your home is fun and simple. It spruces up the place and makes it feel more natural. Just decide where you want to start and you can easily brighten up your home and yard with more greenery.

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