The Best Edgy Festival Essentials and Why You Need Them

Going to a festival is a wonderful way to have an excellent time this summer, but being unprepared can take the fun out of an otherwise fantastic festival adventure.

You don’t really have to bring everything you own, of course, however, there are many festival packing needs you’ll want to have and will also need to make certain you’ve got with you – to ensure you’ll have a good time.



Festivals are generally outside events, which suggests you may be beneath the obtrusive summer sun for an entire day, perhaps even a full weekend or additional, counting on the festival you’re attending. To ensure your eyes are shielded from the weather, you may be wise to bring a super cool pair of shades.

Not only will a good pair of dark sunglasses defend your vision within the long-run, but it can even help keep you feeling protected from the sunlight as well as with a better visual for the festival.

Exposure to extraordinarily bright sun and glare for an extended amount of your time will not only leave your eyes feeling sore or uncomfortable but… it may also trigger migraines, showing that shades are a must-have and a necessity at outdoor festival events.



Hip Bag

There is no easy way to get around it if you plan on or absolutely have to bring a bag to the festival. You may want a place to stash your cash, keys, phone, and a few must-haves, therefore a bag could be non-negotiable, however simply because a bag is important doesn’t mean it needs to be a burden.

When you need to be unencumbered a backpack or large purse would be a relentless pain in the butt, therefore think about rocking a hip bag instead. This light-weight cousin to a backpack is a smaller size gauche than a standard hip bag (though if you are comfy rocking a fanny pack, don’t let their silly name stop you from doing what you believe is best) and is exactly the most excellent size for all of your needed personal belongings.



Water Bottle

Staying hydrated and not parched from the sun is important, particularly while you are at a fun and rowdy festival. The music and also the rock and alternative performances won’t matter if you’re stuck in a very sobering and sad nurse’s tent with heat stroke or severe dehydration, thus make certain that drinking lots of water is your biggest priority.

The cost of a bottle of water, however, will be astronomical at an enormous event. you may need to bring a cool water bottle with you if in the least attainable, and if not, you’ll wish to limit your purchase to one bottle that gets refilled over and then all over again as you need it.

To make absolutely sure you keep hydrated without your bottle stepping into your way, think about taking a beautifully designed and highly functional water bottle with you to the festival.

Bringing the proper accessories is the distinction between an incredible festival and one that’s no fun at all…

What accessories will you be taking to the summer festivals that you just absolutely cannot live without?

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