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  • empowering songs for women
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    Empowering Songs for Women

    Looking for a real and upbeat type of song that will inspire you? Then check out this list of empowering songs for women and see just how fierce these ladies and YOU can be. Always think positive and set your sights on the goal, ladies! These songs which are actually music videos were handpicked based […] More

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    Top 5 Music Festivals To Visit Next Summer

    Top 5 Music Festivals To Visit Next Summer Music festivals truly are a beautiful thing. They attract all kinds of people from all parts of the world including young men and women, artists, business persons, and even members of the senior dating scene. This variety is exactly what makes these festivals so beautiful. However, we’re […] More

  • Sheryl Crow's Final Album

    Sheryl Crow to release her final album in 2019

    Sheryl Crow’s Final Album Sheryl Suzanne Crow, an American musician, singer, and songwriter that is widely popular with both younger generations and members of the senior dating community, is planning to release her final album the following year. The pop-rock-country legend announced this while being a guest on a Consequence of Sound’s Kyle Meredith With… […] More

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    Music Special: Love Making Playlist

    A love making playlist depends greatly on how long you’ve been with someone, in addition to your taste in music. This particular playlist we’ve put together has new relationships in mind where partners are still going to great lengths to impress one another, and create as many unforgettable experiences together as possible. The below tunes […] More