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    How to Throw Together a Chic Look Last-Minute

    Fashion is always changing and always fun when you want to stand out with your own personal style. However, not all women have the time and budget to go shopping for the perfect outfit and accessories. With a few simple tips from style experts, you can create a new look from your own wardrobe and […] More

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    Choose the Best Style-Mini Versus Battle

    Choose your favorite stylish brand or product and compare the results with all the others who voted. This is designed to be fun and it’s a part of our new user blog post submission system. Have fun and Enjoy or even make your own post! Show off your own personal style and opinion for fun! More

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    Rocker Chic Must-Haves

    5 Must-have Fashion Accessories for an Edgy, Rocker Chic Look Following are the five must-have items that can give you the chic and edgy look that you so eagerly desire:   Faux leather leggings Leather tights should be a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe. If you want to pull off an edgy look for a nighttime […] More

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    Kimono Sale Spring 2019

    These lightweight kimonos are a great spring and summer piece and total must-have style staple these days. The current, but soon to be gone kimono sale that Cents of Style is having, couldn’t have come at a better time! Kimonos usually are from Asia and have a silky look and ethnic floral print but these […] More

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    Are Boots Making a Comeback in 2019?

    For centuries, people have worn boots for both practicality and style. In recent times, however, they have been less in favor. Now, it seems that boots are making a strong comeback. This year, you’ll see everyone from carpenters to hikers to fashion models wearing them. The Return to the Trades As the economy continues to […] More

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    The Top Six Fashion Trends of Spring 2019

    Fashion Trends of Spring 2019

    Fashion Trends of Spring 2019 – The Top Six When a season changes, everything else also changes and so does the trends. Every year, there are new trends that we need to follow in order to look stylish and trendiest. This year, Spring has brought so many unique and new trends that need to be […] More

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    Must-Have Rockabilly Swimsuits for Summer 2019

    Rockabilly Goth Style Swimsuits These are 4 of the best swimsuits for women inspired by rockabilly goth style and made to accentuate your figure. These will make your curves look amazing and keep up with your unique style. Listed are 4 swimsuits: 2 more modest and 2 more revealing. Check out more rockabilly swimsuits online! […] More

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    Sexy Dress Ideas for a Fancy Date Night

    Discover the Hottest Going-Out Dresses for Date Night Beneath all of your excitement about date night is one anxious thought: What should I wear?! But do not worry! Simply read this post and gain useful inspiration from these four clever and sexy date night outfit ideas all available at this fine fashion retailer . These […] More

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