Style Guide to Summer Women’s Fashion Trends 2016

Style Guide with Fashion pics for Top Hottest Women’s Fashion Trends for Summer 2016

Are you interested in Top Best 2016 Summer Women’s Fashion Trends? If so, this is the right article for you!

We will cover top women’s summer fashion trends for apparel, hairstyles, shoes, accessories and more about what the latest and hottest trends in Women’s fashion are today!

Summer 2016 Fashion Trends to Shop: Frayed Denim Shorts Denim shorts are always a summer staple, but thanks to Chloé, this summer the frayed kind are bigger than ever. Plus, just like jeans, they pretty much look good with anything.
Summer 2016 Fashion Trends to Shop: Frayed Denim Shorts! The frayed shorts are bigger than ever. And also, just like jeans, they pretty much look good with anything at all. 

Top Work Outfits Fashion Trend 2016

Summer Womens Fashion Trends Work outfits 2016

This section details Summer Work Outfits for women, cute summer work outfits, and sophisticated work clothes:


With increased heat and humidity in the Summer time, you probably are not interested at all in wearing a pants suit, blazer, or slacks. If you are working in the office this summer of 2016, you should definitely know about some of these style staples for hot summer days at the office.

womens summer fashion trends    womens summer fashion trends    womens summer fashion trends

Most women think about what types of outfits would be appropriate for work wear. Some offices are stricter, but if you have a job with a business/casual dress code, then all of these looks pictured above and below this paragraph are excellent choices for office work wear.

Women’s Summer Work Outfit trends 2016 looks just below here:

Just because the outfits look sexy does not mean they are inappropriate for work! You are a modern woman in a modern world. No more simple drab pants suits anymore! It’s time for a stylish work outfit wardrobe change.

If you want to look super stylish at work as well as professional…then take these style tips based off of the photos above and below for 2016 summer women’s fashion trends for the workplace. These are the best cute work outfits for women!

  • Pair a pencil skirt with a pinstripe going vertical direction for a thinner look
  • Wear medium heel height strappy stilletto heels with a dark wash or black denim pencil skirt and a very feminine buttion down top tucked in with a coordinating cute skinny belt. 
  • Some shorts are considered dressy or fancier than just denim shorts. Wear a pair of mid length chiffon or lace shorts to a business/casual office place or as a fashionista who runs her own business. Do your work in style while keeping cool…and looking it.

2016 summer womens fashion trends for work    2016 summer womens fashion trends for work   2016 summer womens fashion trends for work


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Summer 2016 Women’s Hair Style Trends:


This section covers the most beautiful, flirty, and sexy women’s hairstyles for Summer 2016. You will learn a lot about what hair styles are all the rage right now as well as what colors and styles work best with your face shape and skin color. 


Summer Hairstyles 2016: The Best Summer Haircuts for Every Length and Texture:

When it comes to summer hairstyles, its about lightening it up with highlights and warm hues for those sunny days as well as keeping cool with a new sexy cut. You want to keep cool in the humidity and heat wave of summer time frizziness…so choose a style below that is right for you. The key is to have a cut that does not get in your face and doesnt stick to your sweat when working outside or working hard to get in shape in the Summer heat. When it’s sunny outside, you should get rid of all the dark color and maybe highlight or lighten your hair maybe 3 shades to glow beautifully in the Summer sun.

  • The ultimate Summer Haircut for very fine hair is A Pixie because when you have fine hair it tends to fall flat, so the pixie cut or even hair up to your shoulders keeps it from falling flat and dragging you down.

summer womens fashion trend hair 2016

  • A Fringe Shag is a sexy summer hair cut for short lengths of hair.  Adding shaggy ends to already short hair creates a playful, more carefree vibe while also enhancing texture.

summer womens fashion trend hair 2016

  • One cool and sexy 2016 summer women’s hair trend is the asymmetrical bob—that’s a bit longer in the front than in the back. It adds depth and dimension to straight hair, and the longer pieces in the front allow you to pull your hair up into a high pony.

summer womens fashion trend hair 2016

  • The Blunt-cut bob is the best women’s Summer 2016 hair cut. This summer’s must-try iteration is less about layering and choppiness, more about keeping your ends blunt.

summer womens fashion trend hair 2016

  • The Best 2016 Women’s Summer Haircut for Semi-Thick Hair is lots of layers and soft ends. So if your hair is not thin but it also isn’t overly thick either, We suggest adding layers around the crown of your head while keeping the front section long and avoiding blunt splitted ends. Our style suggestion is to use a saltwater hair product or any brand, specially Fekkai beachy waves hair spray to create the staple style of summer: loose, beachy waves.

summer womens fashion trend hair 2016

  • An Oval-Shaped Cut is the best choice this summer for ringlet curls. If you have curly hair, this is the top hot trend for curly-haired women this summer 2016 because even though triangle-shaped hair is no longer a Don’t, if you prefer a more rounded look, we suggest getting an oval-shaped hair cut. Rounded layers of hair will help your hair around your head and face from falling way too flat at the top and all too puffy on the ends.

summer womens fashion trend hair 2016

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Summer Fashion Trends 2016 for Shoes: Bright Sandals That Scream Summer and Flats you will want to wear all summer long!

We will be covering the above said sandals and flats in this haute topic. The Summer runway shows gave us a multitude of hues on Summer sandals in all shapes and forms—from woven flatforms to embellished gladiators.


Now that the weather is warming up super fast this summer, we hunted down a few fashionable favorites for the perfect shoe to take us from the office, out on a lunch date, and out to the movies in the evening. These shoes pictured below are examples of what is currently in style as far and sandals and flats are concerned.


You will notice all of the super bright and artistic colors and styles in the sandals and pops of bright hues and fresh takes on the flats.



summer sandals
This 2016 Summer Fashion Trend for Shoes features bright hue strappy sandals and comfortable boldly colored flats


 bright sandals
bright sandals
 bright sandals
bright sandals
summer flats
summer flats
summer flats
summer flats


Bold Flats are are all the rage this summer providing the perfect option to ouch-inducing heels. The types of flats to look for include bohemian style, bold colors, embellished flats, and bright ballet flats.

Brightly colored sandals are on the runways for top designers like Tommy Hilfiger & Dolce & Gabanna among many others. The gladiator style is especially popular.

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