Things Every Woman Age 40 Should Know About Summer Fashion

Turning 40 doesn’t mean you have to change your whole lifestyle and get psychologically older and less fashionable.


Mostly, women who are age 40 usually get confused in deciding which to choose for their dress, shoes and beauty products. Is it really because of their married lives or just a psychological phenomenon that they do not put a close eye on their wardrobes and beauty tips?

I believe the trend has changed 360 degrees for women now, no matter how old they become. Women like to remain close to fashion and update their style seasonally.

Yes, we know that no matter how old you become, you should feel free to wear what you like, but there are certain things you must consider for your summer fashion. We will cover: 

  • Shoes
  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Handbags



Summer Fashion




Being 40 or older is not a full stop to opt out fashion and style. Of course it isn’t, but, there are certain things you must consider according to your age but 40 is is too early to think about it. Go for a sleek edgy heel and make a fun style statement on your child’s birthday celebration. It is a bit soon to go for old beige and navy pumps. Make your summers special and stylish by opting modern edgy heels for your shoe wardrobe.


Summer Fashion




Skin is the most prominent factor in your age and you can’t hide natural changes in the skin. Summer is cruel when it comes to maintaining your skin. High heat and the humid weather turns your skin dark and spotted, make sure you take care of your skin by applying sunblock and sun resistance solutions as well as age-defying beauty serums and creams from brands like Olay, Clinique. Lancome, Being 40 means you should try to pay more attention to your skin. Taking Vitamin E and using natural products or retinol helps. Also try coconut oil, argan oil, and collagen.
Tips: Clay mud, fruit acid, skin brightening, and exfoliating masks are suitable for every skin type and has no age restriction. Clay masks absorbs extra oil from the skin and keeps it supple and glowing while brightening masks help with age spots. These can be found at Sally Beauty Supply in your area or online at or as well as most beauty product stores.


Summer Fashion



Like skin, hair also gets out of order and needs more care and attention in summer. If you have a family to look after and no time for your grooming session, you must take at least some time out for this. Keep your hair moisturized and apply hair wax once or twice per week to provide life to your hair. In this age, doctors recommend to start taking calcium and iron to keep your bones , skin and hair healthy. You can also take collagen and biotin vitamin supplements to help nourish, repair, and grow your hair…and it’s also good for your skin and nails. Keratin oil and Dry Oil spray like the Rose Elixir from Sexy Hair brand.



Summer Fashion



Nothing harms your foxy new look more than carrying an irregular shaped, awkward or bulky out of fashion handbag. The basic black or brown or old fashioned bag isn’t always the fun choice for an older lady who is young at heart. Keep your handbag closet up to the mark as per the current fashion trend. You can also keep a few classic but new updated designs. It is not necessary or cost effective to decorate your closet with expensive designer handbags or clutches. However, keep a smaller number of classic bags and new trendy handbags around worth wearing to compliment your personality at social events and everyday.


Summer Fashion

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