Introduction to Submit a Post

If you are interested in making a “mini post” instead of a full guest post with more benefits like regular author posts, social media sharing, and excellent stock photos, feel free to apply to submit a quick post here on the Submit a Post page.

But, if you are an advertiser, company, brand, or guest blogger looking for a better quality post and option to have repeat article submission,  simply contact me on the Contact page of this site .

The Submit Post page includes some quick and easy post types you can try out. They range from short stories to trivia to videos and more.

Guidelines for Submission

You must follow the guidelines listed below:

Absolutely no pornography, nude, hateful, political, shaming, vulgar, racist, sexist, or irrelevant posts.

All submissions must include proper amount of text of at least 150-350 words.

These must include a very tasteful and good looking featured image of at least 800px or more.

We have the right to decline the post if it is irrelevant, spammy, or doesn’t match this site.

Approval of Your Post

Every post must be approved first before it is live on the site.

But the good news is many posts will be approved. Just be mindful of what this site is about and the overall look and feel.

Please keep a copy of your post on your computer for safe measure.

Thanks for submitting your posts!

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