Spring Fashion Trend: Mini Skirt

The days are getting longer, the cold weather is dissipating: it can only mean one thing, spring is in the air. And, as any fashion-conscious woman can tell you, spring is the season to bring out the mini dress. Whether it is sunny or cloudy, rainy or dry, this style of dress is the perfect addition to the spring wardrobe.

If the weather is cold, simply embellish the outfit with a pair of funky tights, when the weather is warm, go bare legged, or with a pair of skin-toned tights (for those women who feel they are still sporting the imperfections of a cold winter: chilblains for instance). But, either way, however you choose to wear your mini dress, you can be certain of one thing you will look hot!



This style of dress is popular in many different social circles, from the elite of the fashion industry to the girl next door, this dress forms part of ultra chic, modern, and elegant look, perfect for everyday life, or for making a statement at prestigious events.
Since the middle of the 20th century, the mini skirt has proved exceptionally popular. Indeed, many top celebrities have worn them, and of course, Mary Quant, the original pioneer of the mini skirt is now a well-known name in fashion circles. Elegance and poise are the natural order when wearing this style of skirt, so, if you want to carry-off a chic and funky look in the spring, then you cannot go wrong with this style of dress.

Many women contemplate wearing a mini skirt but for one reason or another perhaps a worry that the style of dress will not flatter the figure a significant number of women are afraid to experiment to see if they too can pull off an outfit of iconic proportions. However, ask any fashion guru whether a mini skirt is a right option for you, and they will undoubtedly answer with a resounding yes! For women who do not wish to bare their legs, no problem, as stated above, simply add a pair of thick knitted tights.



Moreover, if you have never experimented with this style of clothing a fantastic tip for choosing your mini skirt is to opt for a classic look, to begin with, then, once comfortable with the style of dress, experiment with different colors, fabrics, and patterns. You will soon learn that the mini skirt is a fantastic item of clothing, as versatile as it is beautiful, they can be adapted to practically any style.

Once you embark on your mini skirt fashion adventure, you will find, that they are not only the epitome of elegance, funk, and trend, but also that they will imbue you with a sense of confidence, and feel exceptionally comfortable.

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  • Alicia Louis

    Honesty, Kaitlyn Millet is a pro in the fashion world. This post make me fall in love with mini skirts. Well done.

  • Victoria

    I became a regular reader on this platform when I realized they are a professional in the area of fashion. They impact knowledge into readers and make me see the faults in my old fashion styles. Now I know when to change my style and when to stick to it. Guess what? This is just a tip of an iceberg. You have to read from their records of Spring Fashion Trends to shop for the best sexy miniskirts in town. Not just this, you will learn how to rock it best.
    Hey! Do you know you don’t have to do away with your miniskirts in the cold if you like it? I just learnt that I only need to embellish the outfit with a pair of funky tights. Learn your fashion and lifestyle in circles and styles. It begins and ends here.

  • eggamakhi2

    During last week, I bought some skirts but I was thinking that I have spent some extra money. Your post just proved to be a support for my decision.LOL
    I hope I can also look cute as your models. I wish.

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