Spring Fashion Radar 2017

Spring Fashion Radar: What’s Trending Super-Hot This Season?

Ladies! This spring fashion trends all about brimming up one’s wardrobe with bold and bright hues, and embracing the raunchier side of fashion to ooze out confidence.

Let’s feast our eyes on the hottest trends of the season:

1.Floral Fiesta


Spring is the official season for flaunting chunky floral prints, rose bushes, jasmine buds, and intricate motifs, and designers have given us an exciting floral extravaganza to celebrate. Floral prints are super functional and wearable during the hot and humid months of summer, as they are bright pop of color to cool off against the scorching sun. So ladies, do not hold back and fill up your wardrobe with an abundant variety of floral prints.


2.Glittery Glamour


Glittery sequins are trending hot on the fashion radar, and they just what a girl needs to strike all the right chords of glamour. This spring, you get to flaunt a glittery statement in flimsy and seductive silhouettes, maxi dresses, sexy rompers, sleek jumpsuits, cocktail numbers and much more. A glittery style statement is in order for your crazy club-hopping sprees, and all your festive occasions where you simply don’t want the heads to stop turning.


3.Audaciously Deep



Last year, we all had a splendid time flaunting those insanely chic cold-shoulder patches and off-the-shoulder designs, didn’t we? This spring, the off-the-shoulder trend has been given a much bolder and raunchier revamping, and it has emerged as the most audacious trend of the season.

Gone are the modest shoulder patches that revealed an inch of our skin, and their place has been taken by deeply revealing off-the-shoulders that come with sexy straps, plunging necklines and seductive lace detailing. This trend is a must-have for fashionistas who love flaunting their beauty bones to a seriously glamorous hilt!


4.Stripes are Everywhere



Who doesn’t adore the classic elegance of the black and white Breton Stripes? We all do! And this spring, we are all in for a delightful surprise as far the traditional dull-hued stripes are concerned because they undergone a dramatic color infusion, and emerged chicer than ever. Yes ladies, get ready to flaunt your favorite stripes in an exciting myriad of bright hues like reds, orange, pinks, blues, yellows, green and many others.


5.Sunny Side Up!



Designers have presented us with over fifty shades of yellow to flaunt this season, and they range from dark yellows, gold hues, lemon yellow, primrose yellow, subdued yellow, pastel yellow and many more. Come to think of it, yellow is truly the perfect color to beat the heat and cool off during the summer.


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