Snip Snip: Hair Changes You Should Consider

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As the summer gets into full swing, the prospect of changing up your hair might seem especially fun to you. But switching up your hair can feel like such a commitment so it’s important to think it through. Be willing to think about fun new options that you might not have considered before.


Add a Pop of Color

According to The Right Hairstyles, adding a pop of color is a great way to add new dimension and personality to your hair. Depending on what you are wanting to do, you could add some bright pink or blue to the tips in a balayage format to spice up your hair without fully dyeing all of your hair.


You could also simply add a few pieces of bright color here and there. Or maybe you simply add some light platinum pastel shades to your already platinum blonde color.


Get Some Bangs

Bangs is another way to go for a fun change to your hair. As you think about bangs, think about all the different options out there. According to Blake Charles Salon, curtain bangs, long fringed bangs, and messy curly bangs are all back in style.


Do your research about the various options you’re considering to figure out what the upkeep and styling looks like. You should also talk with a stylist to figure out if or how you might need to deal with your natural part in order to not have gaps in your bangs. If you’re not fully ready to chop a significant amount of your hair for bangs, try out curtain bangs—they give you the bang look without requiring you to cut a substantial amount of hair.


Add a Money-piece

According to Mirella Manelli, another great way to change up your hair a bit and make it more summer-friendly is to add a money-piece. A money-piece is a little section of hair that you dye a brighter color than your natural tone in order to frame your face more.


Money-pieces can be incredibly bright and bold or they can be quite subtle and can involve careful blending to look extra natural. It’s a fun way to try out a new tone on your hair without committing all the way.


Use Hair Accessories

If you don’t want to cut or color your hair right now, you could always use hair accessories to give yourself a cute new look.


You could add a pretty floral hair clip near your bangs by your face on one side or place one at the beginning of your ponytail. Just don’t overdo it since one will add just the right pop of color and create a feminine flirty look.


Figuring out exactly how you want to change up your hair can take time and thought. Don’t rush yourself. Take all the time you need to figure out exactly what you want—this will also help you best communicate with your hairdresser in order to make sure you both are on the same page.


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