Beauty Tips – Smokey Eyeliner + Dark Lipstick Drugstore Makeup

Smokey Eyeliner + Dark Lips | Drugstore Makeup

One thing I have recently seen at drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens are very dark colored lipstick and smokey eyes makeup kits.  Drug store makeup, believe it or not, works just as well as companies that sell cosmetics like Clinique, Lancome, MAC, and others that you find in the mall.

It really depends on what brand you choose and which price range works best for you. I personally don’t recommend using Wet N Wild or NYC or similar very cheap brands.

Try Maybelline, Loreal, or Revlon to start and pick something that moisturizes the lips or contains and SPF or anti-aging ingredient for the skin, lips, and eyes.

It is very possible to overdo a smokey or dark makeup look and appear to look like a Juggalo from Insane Clown Posse but it’s also very easy to learn the whole smokey eye and dark lips mysterious vixen makeup technique and with practice you will have the skills to get ready to go out and have fun in less time while looking majorly fabulous.


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