Skin Care 101- How to Relieve Tired Looking Eyes Fast

Relieve Tired Looking Eyes Fast with these Tips

The eyes and skin are always the first to show signs of stress and lack of sleep. Want to know how to relieve tired looking eyes? Read on… Dull, tired skin is easy to rev back up, but under eye circles and personalities are not. One of the first things to do is stop drinking the caffeine. Caffeine is a “don’t” for a wide awake, healthy looking face. Caffeine usage reports have proven that more than one 8 oz. glass of coffee or soda a day will cause an interruption in sleeping habits, under eye circles, irritability, and facial skin tags. Caffeine free drinks may not taste the same but they are 100% better overall for the face and body. Another “don’t” for tired eyes is using eye drops like Visine. The whitening effect lasts 10 minutes or less, along with reports of burning and stinging lasting for minutes to hours.


Fake Being Awake

Tea bags really help deflate puffy under eyes. The ironic thing about this step is that the caffeine in the tea is what constricts dilated capillaries, but drinking caffeine causes under eye circles and puffiness.

Place 2 green tea bags in a cup of hot water for 1-2 minutes. Remove tea bags and place in a glass filled with water and ice for a few seconds, until bags are cool. Squeeze out enough fluid from tea bags so they are not dripping any longer. For 2-5 minutes lie down and relax with tea bag on each closed eye. Dry the eye area with a soft towel. Use the tea left over for an antioxidant filled beverage during the next few eye care Rx steps. Remove uneven skin tone with red currants.

Helping Eye Shadow Stick

Eye shadow will not stick or stay on if the eye lids are oily. An eye lid primer or base can be used to resolve any oil on lids. Mineral foundation powder is perfect for use as an eyelid primer since mineral powders naturally absorb oils.


Alert Eyes are Pretty Eyes

The makeup artist trick is applying makeup to allow eyes to seem more open and alert. Warm eye shadow shades cause the eye to appear illuminated and more open. Using a soft low luster white, off-white, or soft yellow eye shadow shimmer shade right above the iris brightens the eye area. Using this same eye shadow shade as noted above, gently tap color on inner eye area, and right below the outer brow line.

Curl Eyelashes and Go

When they need to relieve tired looking eyes, makeup artists are the pickiest when it comes to choosing the right mascara for clients and celebrities. Celebrity makeup applications usually require a waterproof mascara formula as well as false eyelashes for dramatic appeal. The double-ended mascara types work best. Choose a product such as Double Extend by L’Oreal or the Balm Two-Timer Double Ended Mascara. Both mascaras have a high customer satisfaction rating according to online sources. Brown/black or brown mascara is the better color option than harsh black. Black mascara can make eyes appear more tired instead of wider awake. Women will find that waterproof mascara holds up and keeps the eyelashes curled better than non-waterproof mascaras.

A simple and quick non-surgical eyelift using makeup tools:

  • Green tea bags found at most food and drugstore chains.
  • Double ended waterproof mascara in brown/black.
  • A good eyelash.

It’s easy to keep eyes looking their best even after high school Friday night football, or cramming for exams. A little tea, some wonderful makeup and beauty accessories and eyes are looking gorgeous again.

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