Simple Guide to Street Style Fashion

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The key to good street style is to use a few proven tricks to keep it all cohesive despite the fact that most people would look at your outfit and go – I would never even dare! Below you’ll find those key tips to make sure you craft a refined, not random, look at home without the help of a stylist or even Pinterest! Mind you, street style isn’t all that well received if you’re trying to date a cowboy, get a job interview or sell the pricey real estate, but it’s perfect for showcasing your creative side and having fun wearing the clothes hanging in your closet.

#1: Anything Goes

The first rule of current street style is that absolutely anything goes. The more eclectic your outfit, the more ‘street’ it is. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to shop at various stores that sell different kinds of styles and to browse through your grandmother’s closet and pick out a few pieces that are still wearable. The way you put an outfit together that makes some sort of sense is by combining a few common threads, such as similar textures or color families. There are always accessories that pretty much tie any outfit together, too!

#2: Plan a Color Scheme

Very few people can pull off wearing red with hot pink, and even Carrie Bradshaw often looked like a fashion victim for not marrying the same colors or fabrics, if we’re being honest and willing to call a spade a spade. To avoid looking like a fashion victim and ensure you turn more than a few heads for all the right reasons, hit vintage shops but keep a color scheme in mind whenever you’re putting together an outfit. If you like to go a little wild, choose a piece that pulls many others together, like a fur vest, and don’t worry about any other accents. A nice color scheme will bring cohesion to your style, and you’ll look well put together instead of being all over the place.

#3: Pair Different Design Eras

In addition to grabbing a few of your grandmother’s pieces and shopping at used clothing stores, go ahead and pair a few eras together. Don’t be afraid to sport a modern pair of pants with an Art Deco top or bag that hails from 1920s Paris. Think Amélie and a worn-out, vintage piece, and you’ll create a match made in heaven. To achieve the most fashionable street style, you need a twist of different design eras to make your outfit come to life – or essentially your own, personal organized chaos.

#4: Layer like Your Life Depends on It

Combining textures that differ too much can be a clear mess, but if you stick with the same kinds of fabrics yet layer various pieces in your outfit, you’ll achieve the visual intricacy necessary for the good street style. If you like a moody, masculine look, try a pair of boyfriend jeans, sneakers, a tank-top, and a sweater or a vest to pull the outfit together, combining seemingly disparate styles. Sweaters, blazers, denim jackets or anything that you just throw on top of what you’re wearing constitutes layering at its best, so don’t shy away from wearing ‘half’ of your closet at once.

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