Should You Use Hemp Products for Your Skin?

You may have seen advertisements for skincare products that contain hemp that proclaim that it will do wonders for your skin. But are those rumors true? Here’s what you should know before you buy hemp skincare products.

Parts Of The Plant

The plant hemp (also known as Cannabis sativa or industrial hemp) has been grown around the world for a variety of uses for hundreds of years. It is incredibly easy to grow as it requires little: namely soil and sunlight. The different parts of the plant have many different uses that were used for thousands of years from being used in textiles, to making inks and paints. Hemp has a long history of being used in medicine as well, where its seeds, roots and leaves all serve a purpose. The hemp plant is a very versatile plant and all its parts have a use.

Popularity in Products

Hempseed oil, which is oil taken from the seeds of the hemp plant, has risen in popularity in beauty products because of its many uses. Hempseed oil is used to help dry and oily skin. It contains natural anti-inflammatory properties making it good for any skin type. It can also be used to help prevent aging because of its high content of antioxidants that reduce and repair damage from free radicals. Because of its many varied and beneficial uses, hempseed oil has been used in many different skincare products.

Is it Legal?

You may be wondering if hemp products are legal. After all, hemp has gained a negative association with marijuana as the two plants are often confused for each other. Hemp is legal in the United States due to the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills which legally separated industrial hemp from marijuana. While people do need licenses to plant, harvest and research hemp in the United States, you can legally buy hemp products. However, different states have different laws as to whether products containing CBD are legal or not. As hempseed oil and hemp oil are very commonly confused (as hemp oil could mean CBD), look up your state’s hemp laws before you buy hemp products to be on the safe side.

Skincare products that contain hemp are incredibly beneficial and naturally based so you don’t have to buy chemical skincare products. Hemp skin care products will not only heal your skin, they will help you look your best.

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