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Shop the Look : Sexy Red Heels and Large Red Handbag

I love the color red! It puts off a vibe of passion and high energy. The best way to wear red is your own but here I am posting these two great primary color style staples by brands that are not as high end or expensive but still look so amazing!

When I wear red, I like to pair it with black, white, or grey and I have a minimal style type usually. You can pair it with mustard yellow, shades of black and white, and also you can add a small amount of lighter or darker shades of red to mix it up a bit. You can do a lot with red!

Having the perfect red pumps and handbag in this fierce hue will take your style up a notch.

For this “Shop the Look” post, I will add items for you to be able to shop for items very similar to the items shown in the images.


According to Wikipedia: Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.



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  • cindy

    i am definitely a fan of red. i like how it shows a person characteristic the way they carry their red fashion. i find the color really powerful.

  • jolly555

    That was a good combination.I love read as well especially with a touch of makes me look unique and chic.The handbag was a great match with the red heels.

  • Glad

    I am not really a red color fan but man!, do I love those black pants with the red shoes and bag and the red shoes and bag combo with the blue jeans. I think I might just get myself a red bag and red shoe. Ha ha, thanks for opening my eyes to this colour.

  • Emily Stone

    I am simply in love with the first handbag, in fact it looks like one I’ve had in the past. I don’t usually wear red, but I think it’s great for accessories, like the shoes and handbags you showed here. They give a touch of color without being overwhelming. I really liked all the options you proposed.

  • sidney osorio

    Oh yes, red is one of those colors that make you be noticed, I love red shoes casue they have alot of personality, for me they are like a like a wild declaraion of sexiness and feminity

  • Anna P

    Even though I do not wear red clothes very often, I like this color. Red is often associated with passion, extroversion, rebel spirit, and other perks of youth. It requires some courage and a little bit of recklessness to wear pure red. So, I agree with the author that the best way to wear red is to mix it with other colors. It also was interesting to learn that red has such strong physiological effects on human body.

  • Mauro Villamil

    I know this article is meant for women. But we men too like to wear red shoes (sneakers) with jeans and a red jacket. I like red a lot. It is one of my favorite colors. It gives me energy and keeps me going when I wear it.
    You have very interesting articles. I am reading and paying attention.

  • Arbakan

    Wow, I have seen the same combination in a movie. I have been looking for such bag for a long time but could not find the right one. I always appreciated this combo and now your guide made it confirm for me.

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