Sexy Trendy Swimwear by FABKINI

I recently came across a very luxurious swimwear line called FABKINI. They have a wide range f designer swim suits, cover-ups, and mix and match swimwear.

Their sizes range from extra small to large in most swim suits.

There are just so many styles and colors to choose from!

FABKINI has swimsuits in prints and solids, one pieces and two pieces, pretty swim suit cover up apparel, and the there are even some novelty swim suits.
I will add some images  with some examples of trendy and sexy swimwear styles by FABKINI below (click the image to view the item.):


A swimsuit that is a great treat for artists and creative types. It features paint-like strokes and the whole suit looks like a painting:




A Great Swimsuit for Minimalists or ladies who enjoy the simple life or even  hipster women. Very simple slim design in dark denim wash with blue-grey color.  This suit is without straps and cup and bikini trim simple detail design:



The perfect swim suit for bold fashionistas who like to take haute couture to the pool. This one-piece suit is bright blue with many black straps across. This is very sexy and trendy swimwear:




This swim suit is bubbly, cheery, sexy, and girly. It is definitely for a flirty girl or fun-loving women. It features open crisscross work from chest to belly and stripe design in pretty blue hues:




This swim suit is best for modest women or women who just feel more comfortable not showing a lot of skin. This suit is also really great for women who want to hide their problem areas and enhance their figure with this perfect swim suit in color black. It features criss cross slimming design, is strapless, and has a built-in skirt:




The swimwear shown below is for women who like to be silly and laugh a lot while having fun. This is a novelty swim suit which shows a full cover of a man’s grey suit with striped tie. This is so cute and funny. Girls who don’t take everything seriously and who like humorous gifts would really enjoy this. This swimsuit is also great for business-women who are independent:




Swim suits like this are hard to find. This swim wear original gives a very sexy, unique,  and exotic look. It features multiple fabric prints and bright vivid colors of red, blue, and orange. This is totally bohemian and also may remind you of the 1970’s era:



You can view the best swimsuits by clicking this link to visit FABKINI Swimwear.






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