Review of Amino Mason by Cosmeist

One of the Best New Hair Products

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Review of Amino Mason by Cosmeist by Kaitlyn Millet

An honest review of Amino Mason: Amino Mason by Cosmeist is such an innovative and high quality whip cream hair shampoo and milk cream hair conditioner. It is made in Japan and features many benefits to strengthen and repair your hair. I love these products! They are made with avocado and maruka honey and they are just so luxurious. This duo is a must have! You have got try this!

review of amino mason

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amino mason review

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Amino Mason haircare products work in your hair with the use of the Super Amino Acid Complex as the main active ingredient among others in their unique blend. Amino Mason produces each amino acid. This proprietary mix of nourishing ingredients is designed to reach the cuticle’s third layer so it may refresh and restore your hair beautifully with amino acids.

If you haven’t yet tried the beautiful sweet smelling Sakura Hair Oil, then check it out here because it is a must have! It smells so pretty and makes your hair sleek, healthy, and shiny. Try it out and if you want to see more of Cosmeist’s amazing Japanese beauty products, visit this shop link to see all they have to offer!

review of amino mason

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Review of Amino Mason by Kaitlyn Millet
  • Cleansing Power
  • Conditioning Smoothness
  • Fragrance
  • Quality of Cosmetic


This shampoo and conditioner is very luxurious and smells like flowers. It cleanses and conditions the hair nicely and thoroughly. My hair upon using this 7 times has been more manageable, less tangled, and feels much cleaner and smoother. It really has a sweet white rose smell which is a nice touch. Overall, I think it’s definitely worth using.

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Kaitlyn Millet

Written by Kaitlyn Millet

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  1. I have read and heard a lot about the natural beauty powers of avocado and maruka honey but this product makes me feel exactly what they could do to help boost my beauty. I am a hair beauty freak and I can spend just any amount on making my hair look really beautiful. I can however say I have got the best value for my money or perhaps the best performance from hair products only with the use of this shampoo and conditioner. I though it probably is hair selective (given the quality performance of the product I experienced) but I asked a friend to use the product so I could clear my doubt just about that. Guess what? Her hair is just as beautiful as mine now. It is no matter of luck with the product. It is just so real.

  2. A friend once recommended Amino Mason whip cream hair shampoo and milk cream hair conditioner to me but I have been reluctant to buy them. Not because of their prices, though.

    A recommendation from you is a must do. I hope they work just as described.

  3. I had never heard about Amino Mason by Cosmeist, but in general Japanese cosmetics are fabulous to me, so now I definitely wanna try it (specially since its made out of natural ingredients, like avocado). I have been looking for a conditioner to make my hair more manageable, so I’ll try and see if I can get the same results as you πŸ˜€

  4. I’ve heared about the good fame of Japanese beauty products, Im needing a hair repair and Amino Mason sounds like a perfect solution. I have my hair too dry I Hope it helps.

  5. I have always been a fan of Japanese beauty products. They always do what is said on the label. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. The idea of using natural ingredients in their product is really appealing to me. This is a sure winner in my books.

  7. A perfect 5/5? Wow! This is one great find, Kaitlyn! I love the short and succint review, too! Good job πŸ™‚

  8. I am a girl and I am not familiar with this. Anyway I will try this out if it gets available in my area.

  9. I love Japanese cosmetics. High-quality, there’s a lot of variety, and usually made from mild natural ingredients. I would love to try Amino Mason in my hair πŸ™‚

  10. As an avid fan of Japanese products, this is really intriguing! I’ve had a lot of great experiences with Japanese skincare (especially with Shu Uemura and Shiseido), so maybe it’s time to up my hair care routine too. Will check out Amino Mason, thanks for the suggestion!

  11. With your 5 star rating for Amino mason hair product,I think it worth checking out.I love hair products that strengthen hair and gives it the needed shine.Will try this out.

  12. I have to try this as I always believe in Japanese products. Their quality is always top notch and the price points are always pocket friendly.

  13. Wow. The product looks amazing. I have never tried Japanese products before and I am curious to try it out after reading your post. Amino Mason is a completely new brand for me and this is the first time I am hearing this brand. Sounds amazing and since the shampoo and the conditioner is made of natural ingredients I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  14. I definitely have to try this. Honey and maruka naturally are good natural beauty products and the fact that they are used in Amino Mason is a plus for me.

  15. This is totally a must have. The fact that it is a Japanese product, I like its ingredients. Very impressive.

  16. I have such sensitive hair therefore I have to be careful with the products I choose. I’ll definitely give Amino a try.

  17. My cousin recommended me this product. She uses it herself and it worked great on her. I hope that it will work fine with my hair too.

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