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Reasons Why You Should Consider a Vintage Engagement Ring

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Finding the perfect engagement ring for your beloved doesn’t require you to use a jeweler’s online ring builder to pick from the same options everyone else has. You can instead purchase something with more character for a partner with unique tastes. You can buy a refurbished vintage or antique engagement ring instead of a brand-new ring. Though there are many reasons why you should consider a vintage engagement ring, these three reasons might open you up to the idea.

Vintage Designs for Vintage Rings

If you and your partner are tired of the engagement ring trends of today, it’ll be hard for you to find a ring design that you like. Choosing a vintage ring allows you to find a style that no one uses in their engagement ring designs anymore—this may please your partner if they’re a fan of bold, glitzy rings!

While you can’t customize a vintage ring too much once you find it, you may find that searching for the perfect vintage jewelry is a fun way to pass the time with your partner. If you’d prefer to hide the fact that you’re searching for a ring, you can easily ask questions that don’t give away what you’re doing. Ask them about their favorite fashion era or inquire about their favorite icon from the past.

Reusing Reduces Spent Resources

The second of the three reasons why you should consider a vintage engagement ring is the most practical reason: reusing a ring, no matter how beautiful it is, is always beneficial to the environment. You’ll give that piece of jewelry new life on your partner’s finger.

Instead of purchasing a new ring and supporting mining industries, you’ll help extend the life of an existing ring. With the right care for your vintage engagement ring, it will experience two lifetimes.

Your Ring Could Have a Story Behind It

Vintage engagement rings all come from previous owners; some might even have a history that the seller knows and can share with you. When you or your partner wear a vintage ring, you’re sharing the same energy of the previous married couple—the ring represents their love just as much as it represents your love with your partner.

Consider searching around your family and your partner’s family for anyone who wants to pass their engagement ring down to another generation. You may be surprised at who would feel honored to sell, or even give, their ring to you and your beloved.

Having a piece of history wrapped right around your finger can be exhilarating. Who knows? You may have a small piece of San Diego history that only you and your partner know about!

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