Reasons To Regularly Charter a Private Jet

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Flying privately might seem like an indulgence, but it’s worthwhile, especially if you travel with pets, a large group, or for business often. The idea of chartering a private jet once, let alone multiple times, can seem unattainable. But there are ways to afford a private jet, like with empty leg flights or splitting the cost among a larger group. Plus, after you explore these reasons to regularly charter a private jet, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t take the plunge before.

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Land Closer To Your Final Destination

Flying private means you can skip the chaos of major airports. Every city has one or two smaller airfields, and there might be one closer to your destination. At either location, you’ll have the opportunity to skip headaches like traffic and long security lines.

Create Your Own Schedule

Chartering a jet means you can skip the layovers. Commercial airline flight schedules can be limiting, and you might have to resort to a layover to get where you need to go. But when you fly privately, you’ll be able to spend more time at your destination.

Reasons To Regularly Charter a Private Jet

Your Pets Can Fly Next To You

Sending your pet to fly in the cargo hold can be extremely worrying—for you and them. You’ll also have to pay a fee to have them board. There are some requirements for flying privately with an animal, but your pet can fly right next to you in the cabin, at no extra cost, and you won’t have to worry about if they’re doing okay.

Have the Entire Aircraft To Yourself

Having the entire aircraft to yourself can give you the ability to have private business meetings while in the air, or hang out with your friends and family. Chartering a private plane is a great way to travel for a family vacation or to celebrate a special occasion with all the amenities you’ll find onboard.

Reasons To Regularly Charter a Private Jet

Enjoy the Private Lounges

Did you know that you also get to enjoy luxuries on the ground, too? Flying privately means you get to enjoy the private lounge in the terminal while you’re waiting for your group to arrive.

With all these reasons to regularly charter a private jet, are you asking yourself why you didn’t travel this way sooner?

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