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How to pull off Pajama Shirt Trend 2017

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Here’s How You can Update Your Style with the Hottest Pajama Shirt Fashion Trend


Sleepwear is the absolute best; comfortable, cozy, easygoing, don’t you just wish you could wear them out without breaking any fashion rules? Well, now you can. The pajama shirt fashion trend is here and it is here to stay. Every lazy and laid back girl’s dreams finally came true. The question that remains however is how do you pull off the trend with effortlessness and without looking like a hot mess? Following are some ways in which you can pull off this latest fashion trend.



Silk and Satin Chic

Steer clear of fabric such as flannel or cotton and instead opt for silks and satins for a chic and sophisticated look. Cotton may impart the impression that you quite literally just woke up from out your bed.

Stay True to Trend

If you’re going on board with the trend then you must do it right. What makes the PJ shirt a hot trending style staple? The answer is its details: loose fitting sleeves, piping, open neckline, button down shirts. Pick out something that screams the part.


Mix and Match

There are no rules here except that you need to make sure that they all work well together. An oversized pajama shirt paired with skinny jeans is the definition of fabulous and trendy chic. Opt for a cropped pajama cut and create your custom pajama suit. Play with your proportions to create magic.


Pajama Dresses

Ever just wanted to go out wearing your robe? Well, go ahead. Nobody’s stopping you. An embroidered robe turned shirt dress is all everyone is raving about. Or better yet, turn your oversized pajama shirt into a cute short dress with just a belt.

Robe Overcoat

Wear your favorite robe as an overcoat and turn heads wherever you go.

The trick is to carry your look with style. Ditch your home slippers for heels or platforms and accessorize to your heart’s desire and you are ready to take the world by storm.


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