Pretty Little Thing Review

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Pretty Little Thing Review

Pretty Little Thing ReviewPretty Little Thing Review

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Pretty Little Thing ventured its online flagship store in 2012 with the sole aim to produce and bring affordable yet chic, sassy and fast fashion to consumers worldwide. Umar Kayani, founder of Pretty Little Thing has been able to come up with avid creative and marketing techniques that have successfully targeted like-minded teenagers and students on a budget. There are a couple of things that make this online store flashy and classy, for which you would have to read our Pretty Little Thing Review below.

Pretty Little Thing Review


Shopping for affordable yet fashionable clothes is like being on a diet – you realize that there are very less things that you like which are also worthwhile and wallet-friendly. Pretty Little Thing luckily has been able to target Generation Z by highlighting contemporary fashion for teenagers who would rather prefer buying an assortment of pieces for the amount of a single wrap-up dress at the boutique nearby.


With bomber jackets, knee-length boots and dresses capable enough to compliment a variety of sizes, Pretty Little Thing has been able to highlight fashion that have been portrayed by celebrities on the red carpet instead of models on the catwalks. For a consumer interface that longs to get inspiration from their favorite celebrities on Instagram, Pretty Little Thing has done a pretty good job by giving the public exactly what it wants.


Pretty Little Thing has the ability to kick off sales with brand new lines every week, which also allows teenagers to splurge carefully and way more than expected. Fast fashion has also enabled Pretty Little Thing to expand beyond the likes of other reputable boutiques of the world, and soon would make them one of the top pioneers of economical yet successful fashion businesses.

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Pretty Little Thing Review

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