Outdated: Trends That Are Dating Your Home

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Trends change every few years, whether you’re looking at fashion, beauty, or home design. You may have experienced plenty of times where you’ve seen a photo or walked into a home and could instantly tell what era it was from. If you have a home that feels outdated, you should know the trends that are dating your home. This way, you can make it feel new by avoiding them.

Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

People use mirrors to make a room feel more open, but society has now moved away from this trend and uses other options like light paint colors and vaulted ceilings. When you walk into a home with a wall of mirrors or a closet that utilizes mirrors as its sliding doors, you can typically guess that the house is old.

Old Borders and Wallpaper

We have all walked into a grandparent’s house or glanced at pictures of a home with outdated wallpaper. Or you may have seen a home with stenciling or bunnies bordering the ceiling. Not much can date a home quicker than old borders and wallpaper.

Wood Paneling

When someone mentions wood paneling, we can all picture precisely what they’re talking about. This trend from the 1970s was all-consuming for anyone building a ranch-style home. It looks old, but it’s tricky to find a way to update it successfully. Painting the paneling can give the appearance of shiplap, though, which may be more to your liking.

Builder-Grade Greige Tiles

Nothing screams the early 2000s more than greige tiles. They aren’t beige, and they’re not gray. Instead, they sit somewhere in between those two. Greige tiles have a matte texture that makes them extremely challenging to clean. Ideally, you should rip these out and replace them with something like chic and timeless ceramic subway tiles. Another route is to follow a step-by-step tutorial and give them a refreshing coat of paint.

Lacey Drapes

Once all the rage, lace and sheer drapes are no longer in style. These delicate materials capture dust and turn yellow over time. Swap out these dingy drapes for crisp white linens.


Hang the new curtains close to the ceiling to create the illusion of higher ceilings.

Now that you understand what trends are dating your home, you should update it with a few creative and unique trends instead. Whether you plan on selling your home or enjoying these upgrades, you can relax knowing your home is chic, classy, and creative.

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