Our Top Tips for Rocking a Scarf This Fall/Winter

Now that autumn is here, it’s time to get ready to rock your scarves once again. Selecting the best patterns, styles, colors and ways to wear a scarf during the cooler season allows you to explore your keen sense of fashion. Soon, you’ll have another opportunity to mix and match your scarves with your fall and winter outfits. Here are three fabulous tips you should know when trying to rock a scarf.

Common Styles

Scarves come in a variety of different styles and shapes. According to LiveAboutDotCom, they’re usually classically square, rectangular or triangular. The most popular styles are the blanket, infinity and traditional rectangular scarves. If you want maximum coverage that keeps you cozy, a blanket scarf is the way to go since it can be used as a wrap. Infinity and rectangular scarves are marvelous for double looping or knotting, and they give you a comfy feel.

Know Your Colors

According to E&O Apparel, pairing scarves with current and upcoming seasonal colors is an easy and great way to make your scarves look fashionable. Rich purples, brilliant butterscotch hues, woodsy browns and deep crimsons are popular seasonal colors that will add the perfect amount of color to any outfit. Some common patterns that retain their timeless appeal are plaid, floral and stripes. These all look fabulous with solid colors or other complementary patterns. Knowing what colors and patterns look best on you makes selecting the right scarves for your seasonal wardrobe simple.

Ways to Wear a Scarf

The versatility of a scarf makes it the best accessory to don during the fall and winter months. There is a nearly endless selection of ties and knots to experiment with. Try out the variety of techniques in this Udemy article to find the perfect one for you. The simple loop, pretzel, cowl neck and infinity are lovely ways to tie a scarf on the go. Feeling a little more daring? Try the French, hidden or false knots for a bit of extra flare. Making a particular knot part of your own signature style ensures that you’ll always know how to rock your scarf fashionably.
The charm of a scarf never disappoints. With so many styles, colors and ways to wear them, you’ll never get tired of exploring their endless possibilities. They’re marvelous for pulling fall and winter outfits together while keeping you toasty warm all season long. Figuring out your style and what colors work best for you guarantees that you’ll look amazing and feel fantastic as you enjoy the crisp, cool weather outside.

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