Mobile Game Wokamon Review

I love this game called Wokamon!

Here is our Wokamon Review: Wokamon Review by Kaitlyn Millet: 

It’s sort of like the Singing Monsters game for IOS because you hatch and raise monsters but this time it is only for walking and movement. It is highly entertaining and fun.

It is available on IOS and Android through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The thing I love most about this game is that it helps me stay active. How could it help you stay active?


Wokamon Review

Wokamon Review


Here is a few reasons we love it and how it can help you stay active for fun!

– Wokamon Review:

  • Wokamon is easy to use and tracks your steps through the health app.
  • It motivates you to keep walking to earn points and grow your monsters.
  • You can earn prizes like fun fashion clothes and cute props for your Wokamon monsters .
  • You will be motivated by adding friends and competing to get the most steps and monsters + prizes

Overall I rate this game 5 stars!

I am truly addicted to this game and I personally recommend it for anyone at any age.
If you need more friends on your Wokamon game, add me as a friend using the link below!

Join me and raise Wokamon together!

Add Friend to Wokamon Game for Mobile


Wokamon Review
Wokamon Game for IOS and Android can also connect to accessories like Jawbone, Fit Bit, and Health Sync


The bottom line about this Wokamon Review is that it is free, fun, motivates you to be more active by turning your workout into a game that inspires you, and it’s great for both kids and adults who want a more active lifestyle with a free app that gives them more entertainment.


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