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I love MAC Makeup Prep and Prime and here are a few reasons why! Read on to see why you might enjoy MAC Prep + Prime too!

Great proof that those over at MAC Cosmetics are totally genius, is the Prep + Prime line of facial primers for areas like the eyes, cheeks, and other areas with skin care needs.  Mac creates conditioning creams that go on after washing your face and patting it dry and also before you pile on or gently treat your skin with foundation, powders, eye shadow, lipstick, and other products to look even more beautiful. So what is it for exactly?  It is definitely focused on skin protection and throughout the day, it keeps your skin constantly moisturized. During this time, your face can go full force on colors and glam!

Primer for Your Face and Lips

MAC primer is actually not makeup, it’s a moisturizer that conditions your skin. You wear it underneath your makeup to protect and nurture the skin even further. It also smoothes out your skin, pores are less visible, eyes less baggy and lips less wrinkled. MAC has Prep + Prime Lip for long-lasting lip color, extending the already extensive durability of MAC lippies, something we just never thought possible!


MAC makes two products for your face: Prep + Prime Skin and Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50. Prep + Prime Skin is a lotion that offers both oil control and moisturizing effects, while Face Protect SPF 50 is an amazing and lightweight oil-free facial cream that has ingredients that absorb oil to keep away oils on the face. It really helps prevent oil from appearing on your face throughout the day, as well as providing great protection from the sun.


Protect Your Eyes

This product, as great as it sounds, is a Skin and Face Primer for your eyes. Eye skin is particularly delicate and thin So MAC came up with Prep + Prime Eye to protect your eyelids. This awesome product corrects and conditions the textures and colors of your eyelids also making eyeshadows so much quicker and easier to apply over primed eyelids. These colors will stay on for very long and MAC guarantees that!

Prep + Prime Lash is also very good for your lashes before applying mascara, making the mascara stick better to the lashes. What comes out of the tube may seem odd but that is fine since the formula is white but becomes totally clear when dry. This excellent formula just helps to adhere the mascara to your lashes long-term and away from your face and skin. Or your man’s shirt…

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