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Featured today is a very sweet fashion line called LBD or Little Bird Designs. This ultra chic and minimal fashion line success delivers quality jewelry and accessories.




LBD by Little Bird Designs features a simply beautiful variety of jewelry and accessories by a Business-saavy Mom named Sophia Norris. LBD was also featured on Fifty Two Weeks Blog. Sophia Norris started working on LBD a while ago and wanted to own a business but still have time with her children who are her inspiration for her work.


Sophia had never planned on creating children’s clothing but as a child. she did want to be a fashion designer. When Sophia had Sienna, her second child,  she started designing the decor for her room and making her clothing – and that’s how LBD first got started.



These days, Sophia has a nice collection of minimalist geometric handcrafted jewelry designs, decorative key rings with wood and colorful beads, and leather cowhide original handbag/clutch minimal and chic bags.

I just love all of the eye candy I see at Little Bird Designs. It’s hard to find someone who would not love these beautiful creations by a talented designer and mother who also is in business.

Some of her newest creations and original designs include unique leather cowhide bags which are in the gallery just below. These are made with the highest quality materials and cowhides and each handbag is handmade from ethically sourced cows leather and will have slight variations making each piece unique. The bags are just perfectly simple and chic.




The gorgeous yet simple geometric jewelry and key-ring designs feature large colorful beads and wooden beads.

My favorite styles of the jewelry is the “9 Bead Necklace- Colours” which only cost $50.00. See photo just below:




She has some other types of necklaces and one that matches the other one I mentioned type of style is the “9 Bead Necklace-Neautrals” shown just below:




Little Bird Designs also just released their new designs for one-of-a-kind key rings made by Sophia Norris.

These unique key rings are colorful and fashionable in a wide variety of styles and beads.

The key rings are pictured just below:

image_22 (1)


In a nutshell, everything I have seen at Little Bird Designs is adorable and simple which makes it fabulous. The way everything is made and displayed and the whole concept is a great product for young girls and it is truly amazing what a Mom of more than one child on a mission to make the best jewelry and accessories for families can do.


Sophia Norris is very talented and it shows through her designs…they are simple, beautiful, and totally wearable and fun to collect as well as mix and match.  I can’t wait to see what else LBD has to offer in the future!

Little Bird Designs 

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