K’s Style- Plus Size Fashion Tips

plus size fashion tips
What is your fashion sense? Everyone has a unique sense of style.Here are some of my favorite plus size fashion tips.

My sense of style consists of a few basic items like midi stretch pencil skirts in small stripe or small print patterns along with dark colored camisoles and a graphic crop top.

I usually wear flats or low heel shoes since I’m tall. I’m actually 5’8″ tall.

Some women who are tall feel weird wearing high heels or stilettos. My boyfriend is my height and so I don’t wear heels much because I don’t like being taller than him.

My wardrobe is mixed with Gothic, Pastel goth, hipster, and street style mostly.

As of now, I could be considered plus size and it’s hard to find clothing that fits me the way I would like it to.

I don’t always shop at Lane Bryant or plus size stores. Some great places to find plus size sexy or stylish clothes are at Forever 21, Maurice’s, Lane Bryant, New York & Company, and Target.

I don’t particularly like to wear Wal Mart clothes because they are not as well made and everyone buys them all the time so I want my style to be my own. So that’s why I don’t buy many clothes there but I do but Wal Mart’s jeggings and cheap graphic print tank tops to go under my crop tops.

It looks best to me to wear stretch mid length pencil skirts which show your curves and sort of sucks you in, lol. Pair that with a cute lace or print camisole and a cute over-sized crop top with sleeves. It also looks good when it hangs off your shoulders to reveal your pretty colored cami straps.

This style of fashion works for me and I also like to add a sexy fringe see-through or printed open front short with tassels. That look looks amazing any time of year and it covers your arms.

I hope my fashion suggestions work for other plus size women or women with lots of curves.


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