Keep Warm and Style On: Tips for Dressing Warm This Winter Without Sacrificing Style

The cold temperatures that are creeping in require you to dress differently than you do in the summer months. A lot more material and layers are needed to stay warm. Just because you have to wear heavier items doesn’t mean you have to give up on dressing chic. There are a number of tips that you can use to stay warm without sacrificing style.


It’s incredibly important to have a good coat to wear in the winter so you can make sure you can keep warm in the cold weather. You need to have something that is functional, but that doesn’t mean your coat can’t be fashionable. If you can only afford to buy one coat right now, it’s a good idea to buy something that is on the longer side. It will provide you with a lot of warmth, and a longer coat will allow you to wear a number of different items underneath. For example, longer sweaters won’t peek out underneath your coat.


Slipping on ice can hurt! In order to prevent slip and fall injuries, it’s important to choose practical footwear that has great traction. This will help keep you safe while you’re walking along on snow or ice. If you want to wear some of your heels or flats, invest in a practical pair of boots that you can wear when you’re outside. You can tote your other shoes along with you, changing into them when you get to your destination. You’ll probably want a few different pairs of winter shoes. At least purchase one pair of brown winter shoes and one pair of black. This will give you options to go with pretty much every outfit you own.


Wearing scarves is an excellent way to stay warm in the winter, and scarves can also be really stylish and fun. You can get a large collection of scarves with different colors and patterns to pair with sweaters, dresses and even long-sleeve t-shirts. You can pull them up over your face to get some extra protection from the wind and cold. Some really lovely scarves are made of cashmere or bouclé yarn, which looks pretty and is extra soft. This is an affordable item that you can purchase multiple versions of and that can add that extra pop of fashion to any outfit.

Hats and Headwear

Things can get a little tricky when you want to start incorporating headwear. You don’t want to clash with your outfit, and you don’t want to wear something on your head that is going to mess up your hair. Headbands are really cute. They allow you to pull your hair through the top, minimizing matting of your hair. A knit hat with a pom-pom on top looks really cozy and stylish.

It’s important that you have separate clothing for the warm weather and the cold weather. You want to look chic in the winter, but it’s important that you’re dressing according to the temperatures outside and the elements, too. Layering your clothing is a great idea, and you can use this method to incorpor

ate some of your warm-weather items. By trying these things, you can make sure that you can stay both warm and fashionable all winter long.


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