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How to Keep the Spark Alive in a Relationship

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The beginning of a relationship is a thrilling period filled with new experiences and excitement to see your new partner. Over time, this period of your relationship may feel less intense as you start to get used to being around one another. But the true way to have a successful relationship is by putting in the effort to keep it exciting. Below are a few ways to ensure you don’t lose the spark in your relationship.

Share Good News

Our partners should be our go-to person to share our big news, both the good and the bad. However, you don’t want to get into the habit of only sharing your negative news through venting all of the time. It’s just as important to share your happy news with your partner and for them to respond in a happy way. This will create a positive experience and help you grow a deeper bond.

Continue Being Curious About Them

There’s not many worse feelings than feeling like you’re invisible. Listen to your partner and ask them questions. By asking questions about the things they talk about, they will feel like they’re being listened to and that they matter to you. If they’re talking about a project at work that you don’t understand, ask them questions so you get a better idea of what they’re experiencing. Always stay curious!

Be Spontaneous

Being in a long term relationship can get a little monotonous, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep the spark alive by adding spontaneity into your relationship. Continue to try new things and go to new places with one another. Most common complaints with couples is sexual desire in the bedroom becomes non-existent. There are many factors that play a part in this, however, finding the time, experimenting with new things, or trying something to help boost that sexual desire for women and sex drive for men such as using Hims products can help. This will keep you both interested and help prevent your relationship from getting into a rut. If you’re unsure about what you should try, follow this infographic to find fun ways to spice things up!


Surprise Each Other

Start doing small, selfless acts to make each other happy. Did you see something while you were shopping that reminded you of your partner? Pick it up for them as a surprise to show them that you were thinking about them. When you surprise each other with small gestures or gifts here and there, it keeps things interesting and is a reminder that you play a significant role in each others’ lives.

Make Time to Miss Each Other

If you’re with your partner every single day, it can be hard to remember what life is like without them. Having time to miss each other throughout a relationship is healthy to make you both appreciate one another more. Take a trip with your friends or have a night away from one another to spend time with family. A little time apart here and there is good for a relationship!

Have Fun

Your partner should also be your best friend, and it’s important to not neglect this part of your relationship. One of the best ways to keep the spark alive is by continuing to have fun with each other, like you did in the beginning of your relationship. Go out with friends together, go on fun trips and explore new places, and even playfully tease one another.

Communicate Your Feelings With More Than “I Love You”

Saying “I love you” can become so routine that you forget it’s actual meaning. Those three words don’t fix everything and they’re not always enough for us to understand how our partner feels about us. There are many different ways to say I love you , like “let me know when you get there,” for example. We can show our love through our actions, how we treat our partner, and in our tone of voice when we say things.

Make Time for Date Nights

You may get to a point in your relationship where your schedules don’t exactly sync up perfectly. Maybe it’s differing work schedules or the kids are taking up more of your time. Don’t allow yourselves to distance from the romantic aspects of your relationship. Each week, find time to enjoy a date together. It can be a fun dinner out or even a casual night in with a movie. Make finding time for dates a priority in your relationship!

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