Intro to KBM Lifestyle Channel YouTube



My name is Kaitlyn Beth Millet and I run this site, as a blogger, advertiser, artist, and marketer.

I love what I do. My job as an internet entrepreneur has been great and this is what I always will do as long as I can because I enjoy it and learn a lot from it as I go. There is so much learning involved to be a success online. 

Thank you all community members and subscribers for what you do, your feedback, critiques, and for your appreciation and participation.


Introduction to KBM Lifestyle Channel YouTube:


KBM Lifestyle Channel YouTube


I have recently created a YouTube channel called KBM Channel.


It is a Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, anjd more…etc…video channel that I created to help others learn about our family of sites including and as well as our social accounts such as KayBethStyle Polyvore, and my variety of Google Plus communities.

I also created the YouTube channel so that all of this will be more interesting and animated.

One more reason and this is the main reason:

To help our fans and friends with easy tutorials, honest reviews on many types of products and also to entertain our users.

Please take the time to visit my YouTube Channel and watch a quick video intro about it.  Thank you.

Intro to KBM Lifestyle Channel YouTube

Welcome Intro Video to KBM Lifestyle Channel Youtube:

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