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Kaitlyn Millet brings you news and deals for fashion, art, design, style, beauty, inspiration, and more on KayBeth.com Lifestyle Youtube Channel. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at KayBeth.com. Kaitlyn is a Level 6 Google Local Guide for Louisiana where she lives. She additionally sells jewelry and art at MagikArtz.com. This channel was made to not only promote her own products but to give fashion tips and deal alerts, beauty and fashion reviews, lifestyle tips, talk about music, pop culture, and other interesting content. Some things are just random…Follow Kaitlyn on Twitter @kamilion10 and @kaybethstyle and @magikartz7. Be sure to follow the official channel account for our Lifestyle Youtube Channel and Blog at Instagram.com/kaybethstyle for more random but interesting things. Also, get paid as an influencer for handmade goods by Kaitlyn by signing up as affiliate at MagikArtz.com. I can do shoutouts and share videos upon request. Thanks for looking and/or subscribing!


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