How to Wear Sparkling Jewelry in the Daytime

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Sparkling jewelry in the daytime

Is wearing sparkling jewelry in the daytime fashionable? Absolutely! Break out your favorite bling in the daytime. In the past, shimmering jewels were viewed as acceptable when accessorized with evening attire. This is no longer the case in these modern times. Including these sparkling accessories into your daily rotation is not only acceptable but fashionable and trendy. This season, refresh an otherwise simple outfit with shimmering and bold jewelry choices. Whether it be a dazzling pair of earrings, bracelet or belt, all are excellent choices to add that much needed luster to your ordinary 9-5. Need some help getting started? Check out these suggestions to add brilliance to your day.

Radiant accessories

On the hand, try a sparkling cocktail ring. It will be unobtrusive, yet to your wardrobe and acceptable to wear sparkling jewelry in the daytime. Big chandelier earrings will be hard to coordinate with daytime dressing and are better suited in the evening. So select the dainty drop or stud earrings for that added sparkle that will surely glisten in the sunshine as well as a touch of radiance to your eyes. Customize a stretchy wide belt by adding sparkling art deco style brooches to the middle section. Wear the belt at your natural waistline and pair with a beautiful day dress or skirt to finish this fabulous daytime look.

Adorn the wrists

Heavily adorned wrists are a style worn frequently among celebrities and fashion-forward individuals. Stacking bracelets will add flash to your wardrobe without being seen as overwhelming making it a perfect accessory to be worn as sparkling jewelry in the daytime. Throw in a few sparkly baubles for some added flash.

Bangles and bracelets with different textures and tones are ideal for the daytime, without looking too matchy-matchy or formal. Select bangles studded with rhinestones and mixed with materials such as suede, leather or satin cord. Wide cuffs are great as well when stacked next to your watch or try one on each wrist for better balance and symmetry. Short sleeve outfits are preferred so as not to hinder their beauty by being hidden. But if long sleeves are the only options, try clothing slim fitting down to the wrist or rolled up to exhibit their beautiful luster.

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