How To Wear Jewelry According to Your Personality

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Apart from your fashion choices, jewelry is one of the many ways most people identify their style. Getting ready for events is the perfect opportunity to showcase who you are and what accessories speak to you. Here’s how to wear jewelry according to your personality, so it shines like a diamond during those first impressions.


Down-to-earth people tend to wear unique pieces like bangle bracelets, sea glass or shell necklaces, and other recycled material accessories to show their love and appreciation for the planet.

These humble personalities enjoy the outdoors and tend to favor earthy tones in their wardrobes.

Wear Jewelry According to Your Personality


Color-coordinated individuals are responsible, organized, and neat. Their meticulousness shows in the type of accessories they wear, which usually consist of matching sets. They can pair their accessories with the rest of their ensemble effortlessly to achieve a cohesive look.

These individuals are spectacular hosts with unparalleled generosity.


Trendsetters are exciting individuals as they enjoy making bold statements that mix the old in with the new. Their unique jewelry stands out from the rest in a way that utilizes retro trends as if they’ve never gone out of style.

Classic and Elegant

Pearls scream elegance and this type of jewelry is popular with those who prefer classic styles. Known as traditionalist and family-oriented, they have a vintage aesthetic that channels old Hollywood glamour in everything from clothes to furniture.

Wear Jewelry According to Your Personality


An individual who sports large jewelry pieces like hoop earrings, extravagant rings, and dangling necklaces is most likely to be a bubbly being who enjoys great conversation. These generous and bright personalities draw others in with their social skills.


Luxurious individuals bask in their affluence and aren’t afraid of making it known. These personalities enjoy the best of the best and can seek opulent jewelry pieces. These individuals set a higher standard than most and expect to reach them no matter the cost.

Knowing how to wear jewelry according to your personality lets you have fun and embrace your best qualities to help put together a stunning ensemble.

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