How to Throw Together a Chic Look Last-Minute

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Fashion is always changing and always fun when you want to stand out with your own personal style. However, not all women have the time and budget to go shopping for the perfect outfit and accessories. With a few simple tips from style experts, you can create a new look from your own wardrobe and know what to shop for when you need the perfect, last-minute pizzazz no matter where your day takes you! From accessories to closet staples, the designer look is made your own. 

Pick Something with Seasonal Colors

Fashionistas can stay in trend each season by adopting the palette of the month to form a foundation for their outfit. Stylists suggest starting with a base color, such as black, navy or white and adding accent colors of the season. Spring is great for pastels, while fall is more about bold colors, including red and orange. Winter is the perfect time of year to wear jewel tones, such as pure greens and vibrant blues.

You’ll also want to consider your skin tone to help find flattering looks. Those with blue undertones, meaning fair-to-dark skin with a cool tint, can benefit from cooler colors, while tan and warm-toned women can glow with brighter shades in their closets. 

Don’t Forget the Accessories

A statement piece, such as a piece of shimmering jewelry or a chic scarf, can tie your look together. Another thing to consider is switching up your makeup and perfume to find an easy look you’ll love that won’t take hours to apply. Experts assert that perfume can make you feel unique, sexy, confident and powerful. Simply spritz your favorite scent on your pressure points and turn heads wherever you go. 

Work with What You Have

It can be time-consuming to go to the mall and pick out a brand new outfit you may not like when you get home. According to DIY pros, it’s easy to revamp your wardrobe with outfits you already have and a few alterations. Try layering a few shirts you enjoy wearing to make an instant collared look that provides you chic coverage if your clothes don’t fit as well. You can change your shoes, hairstyle, and tuck in/tie a top that will get you noticed for being a thrifty style icon.

It’s fun and easy to find the style that’s right for you and lets you get ready in no time to take on the day! Follow these few simple steps to create the wardrobe of your dreams and make a fashionable entrance.

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