How to Tell if a Guy Likes You – 6 Signs the Crush is Mutual

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How to tell if a guy likes you? How can you know that your male crush shares the same warm and tingling feelings for you that you have for him? Well, that can be tricky, as men tend to hide their emotions more than women, especially in the beginning stages of dating. Instead of scrutinizing his every word or action, hoping to find all the answers to your questions, let this list be your guide to lead you in the right direction, without the unnecessary stress of over-analyzing things.


We’re all guilty of being buried into our phones, but there is a time and place for everything and it shouldn’t be on a date. Where is his focus when he’s with you? Does he seem attentive and generally interested in the things that you tell him. If so, these are positive signs that he likes you.

Two Way Street

He doesn’t need to enjoy everything that you love, or vice versa. You are looking for a mate, not a carbon copy. It isn’t that fact that he might not like that music that you listen to or movies that you watch. What is important here is that he is thoughtful enough to share in the things that make you happy.

Follow Your Dreams

Motivation is very important in a relationship. Maybe you want to lose that extra 10 lbs. Maybe you want to change careers. Whatever it may be, his positive reinforcement is what you are looking for. This shows his intent to support you in what matters most to you.

Family Matters

Integration is key. Men tend to share a deep relationship with their mothers. If he speaks about you to his mother in a positive light, you are golden. This shows that he cares enough about you to include you into his most inner circle.

Language of Love

Body language plays a big role in knowing whether or not he’s into you. When you are both out and about, is he holding your hand? Does he maintain eye contact during conversation? Does he smile every time he sees you? These are all sure signs that he’s interested in you.


You are worth the extra attention. Sure, personal time is necessary but how often does he want to be with you? Does he call you everyday just to know how you’re feeling? Does he truly enjoy being with you without your time together feeling rushed? Time spent with you should be a privilege, not a burden.

In conclusion, courtship can be scary, especially in the initial stages, but it can also be very exciting. The only true way to find romantic happiness starts with seeking out a compatible match. Everyone is different, from likes and dislikes to personality traits. Finding your Prince Charming was never promised to be easy. If you like him and feel that he’s good for you, accept him for his flaws as you would expect the same from him.

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