How to Save a Crumbling Marriage

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Marrying someone is a huge commitment and maintaining this commitment can be hard work. Many couples start to drift apart once the honeymoon phase is over. As both partners undergo personal growth and the relationship evolves, new expectations and challenges come forward. Tackling marital conflicts becomes a lot more difficult when only one partner is making an effort to make things better. If giving up on your husband/wife and filing for divorce has never crossed your mind, it means that what you two have still matters. The situation may look far from ideal, but hope and sheer will can save your crumbling marriage. Here’s what you need to do…

Reflect on your Actions and Expectations

Sometimes one can become increasingly selfish and demanding after getting married. You could be asking too much from your partner and giving less or nothing in return. It is easy to blame the other for downfalls in the relationship and ignore your own mistakes. You both are equally responsible for the problems with your marriage, thus work on yourself before pointing out flaws in each other.

Have an Honest Tête-à-tête

Silence can become the death of any relationship. You have to address the elephant in the room if you really want to overcome your issues. Spill whatever is bothering you and show your partner exactly how it makes you feel. Holding back on your thoughts, opinions, and emotions will gradually turn you two into strangers. If something, your spouse said or did upset you, seek closure before it’s too late. Listen to each other and come up with solutions that promise mutual benefit.

Recall the Good Times

Couples are madly in love at the time of marriage, but then the spark is eventually distinguished. The version of your spouse you fell for may not be there anymore, and they might feel the same way about you. You both need to rediscover the characteristics that brought you two together. Recall the times when you two enjoyed each other’s companionship and try to reinvent them.

Ditch your Beloved Gadgets

Your attachment to your smartphone, laptop, television, or tablet might be the real reason for the severance with your spouse. Take a break from your social media rants and have a real conversation with your better half instead. Escape your virtual world and appreciate your tangible surroundings every now and then.

Make Plans Together

When was the last time you two had a date night or decided to do something together? Red flag if you don’t recall within 30 seconds. Just because you two are married does not mean that romantic gestures are out of the picture. Try the new restaurant in town, go see a movie, do grocery-shopping, stay in and watch a Netflix show, dance at a club, go bowling, or whatever you both can enjoy.

Be Desirable

Hardly one year into the marriage, one or both spouses become complacent in regard to their looks. They stop trying keep up appearances for their partner as they used to. Many women gain weight and men don’t bother keeping themselves groomed. If you’re always wearing your oversized sweater and your hair look like a bird’s nest, it is no wonder that your spouse doesn’t feel attracted to you anymore.

Welcome Change/Spice Things Up

Never hesitate to try new things with your partner, as a monotonous routine can dull the relationship. Change your hairstyle, be creative in the bedroom, or simply do something for your spouse that you normally don’t.

Strengthen your Mental and Physical Connection

Mental and physical connection is equally important to preserve the marriage. You need to be there for each other in every way possible. Shower your love and care through words and actions. Be understanding of your partner’s feelings and do not shy away from intimacy.

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John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who creates content focused on healthcare and personal well-being.

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