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How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

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The kitchen is the center point of the house. A place where family and friends can come together to celebrate life’s big and small moments. After being separated from one another for the past year, now could be the perfect time for you to reevaluate your space and create your dream kitchen where you can host your loved ones this holiday season.

Have Your Finances in Order

Before beginning any major home renovation, you should make sure all your financial ducks are in a row. Make sure you have a budget so when you get to the design stage, you don’t fall in love with items or concepts that are out of your range. Be realistic about your budget, and keep a portion of your budget allocated towards emergencies or project delays. No one wants their home renovations to go poorly; however, with the supply chain issues the U.S. is facing, it is best to be prepared and budget accordingly.

Next, you should know where your money is coming from. Maybe you have been saving up for this project for a while and have a savings account intended for this. Another option to consider would be using a home equity loan, which can be tax-deductible when being allocated towards a home improvement project. If this is a retirement project for your forever home you could always consider using a 401k or IRA investments.

Create Your Must-Have List

When undergoing any home renovation, you should prioritize the things you need and then add in the things you want after. For instance, maybe you need a working space in your kitchen for your small business, but you also desire new energy-efficient appliances. Make sure you have designed your workspace before you purchase your new appliances. Creating this list will help you avoid frivolous decisions while still prioritizing the needs of you and your family in your new space. Consider the functions your space will serve before making this list so you have a true understanding of what you need.

Along with your must-have list, consider creating a digital or physical mood board. Take inspiration from magazines, online, or kitchens of the homes you have been to. Choosing design trends and aesthetics that are timeless will help your kitchen outlast fast and fading trends. You can incorporate those faster trends into other design pieces like wall hangings and table decor.

See What Can Be Repurposed

When evaluating the needs of your home, see what can be repurposed or transitioned into your redesigned kitchen. Maybe your kitchen table is a gorgeous piece of furniture but has had years of wear and tear. See if you or a carpenter can provide the piece with some needed TLC so it can be refinished or painted. Just because you are redesigning your kitchen doesn’t mean everything must go; the opportunities to flip different pieces in your home are endless.

Consult a Contractor

When your home is undergoing renovations, unless you are certain you can do the work yourself, you should always consult a contractor. Use trusted experts who come highly recommended by family or other community members. It can be beneficial to conduct interviews and collect rates of a few professionals before beginning the project. That way you can get a sense of the team and make sure you choose one within your budget.

After following these tips, you are well prepared to start your kitchen remodeling project that you and the whole family can enjoy together. Your space will be ready for the holidays and to welcome everyone back in after these long years apart.

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