How To Be Kawaii In 10 Easy Steps

I found this great video on Youtube and it explains how to be kawaii in 10 easy steps. The girl shown in the video says this about the Kawaii style aesthetic.

“This video was so fun to make! All about how to be kawaii! Kawaii is Japanese for cute! With these tips, you can be ultimately kawaii! With a little bit of glitter, pastel clothing, fun wigs, and a big smile, you can be the cutest! Remember that being kawaii is all about being happy and doing what you love! If people make fun of you, shake it off and move on! They are just jealous that you are at peak kawaiiness! I hope you all enjoyed this cute video. Let me know what you think in the comments below! And don’t forget to tweet me @Manda31409 with pictures of your kawaii self!!!”

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